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Say Hello to Clean Living

Buzzwords like waste, recycle, and reuse are probably nothing new to you—but how exactly do you determine what’s right for the environmental footprint of your home? Did you know that nearly 90 percent of what we toss in the trash can be recycled, reused, or composted to serve a secondary purpose?

What we seem to overlook is just how much we waste. It takes a taxing toll on our finances, air, water, and bodies—without us even realizing it. Being mindful of what you’re using—and how much you’re using—helps prevent harmful side effects. Reducing waste just takes some practice, so if you want to save money, help the environment, and improve your overall health, start limiting waste today by adopting the steps below.

  1. Take on the Recycling Role: Don’t fall out of practice with this one if you’re already devoted to it. It’s easy to toss plastic and aluminum in the trash along with everything else, so try to create a space in your kitchen or pantry with a bin specifically used for recycling. For a list of recyclables visit:
  2. Set Aside Time for Meal Planning Prep: This is an excellent way to make sure you’re not wasting any of the food in your kitchen—it’s amazing how much we forget we have until we’re forced to think about it. Avoid purchasing unhealthy, packaged foods and store your leftovers in glass, not plastic.
  3. Reuse and Repair Things Around the House: Towels, bedding, and clothes have a long lifespan, but if you’re trying to declutter, make sure to take these items to your local thrift store or animal shelter so someone else can use them. Other helpful home tips: Try saving your old dryer sheets and using them as dust rags and repurpose old toothbrushes as scrubbers or eyebrow brushes.
  4. Pill Disposal Drop-Off: If you’re trying to get rid of old prescriptions, Delaware now has designated drop-off areas where you can take your unwanted medications. This is the safest disposal option. Flushing pills down the toilet pollutes your community's water supply, and tossing them in the trash can be harmful to anyone rummaging through your trash. Visit here for more information on safe prescription drop-offs in your area:

Reducing waste is not just a trend, it’s a way of life. By consciously thinking about what you use and how you use it, you make room for a healthier home and cleaner environment. So don’t wait! Jump on board and see how good it feels to take care of the space you live in and the individuals you care for by recycling and reusing what you have.

Beebe is proud to serve as a resource for your health and the health of your family. Visit our Toxic Thursdays blog for more tips on how to live a clean lifestyle and keep your family safe.