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Marshall Family welcomes two more Beebe Babies

Diane Marshall with three grand-kids.Long-time Lewes family, the Marshalls, can count their Beebe Babies back to the early days of Beebe. At the end of July, they welcomed two more Beebe Babies – on the same day!

“It was incredible and unexpected,” said Diane Marshall, grandmother to the two babies. “No one expected to welcome them both on the same day!”

Taylor Keen, CRNA at Beebe, and her husband Drew, welcomed Joseph Anthony Keen and then two hours later, her sister-in-law Bridget Marshall, wife of TR Marshall, gave birth to Nelly Holiday Marshall.

Holly McKiel, DO, delivered both babies.

This is the first child for Taylor and Drew. It is Bridget and TR’s second child. Their first, Thomas Rowland Marshall VI, called Thomas, was born at Beebe in 2015. He is named after a long-line of Thomas Rowland Marshalls. Father, TR, is Thomas Rowland Marshall V. His father Tom is the IV. And, Great-grandfather Capt. Rowland Marshall III, is a retired Delaware Bay & River Pilot and champion sailor, who still lives in Lewes and enjoys visits from his many children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

“We really didn’t expect it, but I think about two weeks earlier, I had joked that it would be the same day,” said Drew Keen.

It isn’t the first time the Marshalls have welcomed cousin babies on the same day. Taylor’s sister, Meredith Marshall, was born on the same day as her cousin Joseph Andrew “Andy” Miller. He is named after his mother’s grandfather Joseph Marshall.

“It seemed meant to be, so when it came time to name our son, we decided on Joseph Anthony, to continue the tradition of all the incredible Josephs in our family,” Taylor said.

Taylor and Drew Keen with baby.

“It’s crazy … I still can’t believe it happened this way,” Bridget said. “Our families have a long tradition in Lewes and here at Beebe, so it is a great feeling knowing we could welcome the newest members in such a special way.”

Nelly Marshall is named for Bridget’s grandmothers and the middle name, Holiday, for her grandfather.

“My daughter had a son and two hours later my son had a daughter,” Diane said. “And, they both arrived on a dark and stormy night – a good omen as many of our children and grandchildren arrived on dark and stormy nights!”

Beebe recently announced a $10 million gift from the Ma-Ran Foundation, which will partially fund a four-story patient wing and Margaret H. Rollins Pavilion on the Savannah Road campus. This gift and the proposed $180 million facilities and services expansion, will include the creation of a dedicated new Women’s and Children’s Department on the second floor where more Beebe Babies can be welcomed in state-of-the-art facilities.

Captions: Top, members of the Marshall family gather to welcome two new Beebe Babies. In back (left to right) are: Diane Marshall holding Thomas Rowland Marshall VI; Drew Keen. In front are Bridget Marshall (Thomas's mother) with Nelly Holiday; Taylor Keen with Joseph Anthony.

Middle, Diane Marshall with her three grandchildren - Nelly, Joseph, and Thomas (standing).

Above, Taylor and Drew Keen with baby Joseph Anthony.