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Sushila Agrawal: I Could Not Walk, Then Dr. Choy Fixed My Knee

Sushila Agrawal walks down the stairs while visiting her daughter, Dr. Vibha Sanwal, in Lewes. At 76, she moves slowly and deliberately, however you would not guess that just a few months ago, this vibrant woman was completely bedridden.

“My family was taking care of me. They would bring me food and water to the bed because I couldn’t walk,” recalls Sushila. “I travel often between India, Chicago, and Lewes to see my family and friends. I now tell everyone wherever I go that Beebe is my hospital and that I wouldn’t go anywhere else for knee surgery.”

It was during the summer when Dr. Sanwal took her mother to see Dr. Choy about her knee pain. “She’s had knee pain for years and it just kept getting worse to the point she couldn’t do anything – she was stuck in bed,” Dr. Sanwal said. “I was shocked when Dr. Choy looked at the images of my mom’s knee and told us the knee was gone – that it was bone on bone – and we needed to get her into surgery soon.”

Sushila was scheduled for surgery in September to have a total knee replacement.

“I remember feeling apprehensive, but Dr. Choy said it was time and I trusted his expertise,” Sushila said.

Dr. Sanwal – who along with her husband Dr. Pankaj Sanwal owns Rainbow Pediatrics – stayed by her mother’s side.

“As a doctor, you always expect to be almost more worried than the patient, however I felt cared for the entire time we were at Beebe for my mom’s surgery,” Dr. Sanwal said. “There was never a moment of worry or a moment when I felt like she wasn’t receiving the absolute best care.”

“The entire team from the nurses to the anesthesiologist were very positive and upbeat. They smiled and talked to my mom; everyone respected her culture and religion,” Dr. Sanwal said. “She is an educated woman with a master’s degree, yet English is not her first language so sometimes she doesn’t understand. However, the team understood and took the time to make sure she knew exactly what was going on every step of the way. They even brought her extra blankets!”

Dr. Choy said while Sushila’s knee was incredibly bad, he knew the surgery would improve her quality of life. “Patients often put off surgery, but they need to get it on the calendar. The sooner you have surgery, the sooner you can get back to enjoying life,” Dr. Choy said.

Sushila could not agree more. “I tell everyone now – go see Dr. Choy at Beebe and have your knee surgery. Don’t live in pain anymore,” she said.

“My mom thought the surgery would add more pain and that she would be in the hospital for days. We were so happy with the results – she had very little pain and she was only in the hospital for 24 hours,” said Dr. Sanwal. “It was an incredible experience and we are so thankful to everyone who helped us, especially Dr. Choy, who was a champion for my mom.”

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