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"Being a New Mom is Hard, But It's Worth It."

When Falan Hylton of Rehoboth Beach wasn’t feeling well last year, she thought she had an infection or perhaps that she had developed fibroids similar to her mother.

She was surprised when her primary care physician Dr. John Hale told her she might be pregnant.

“He sent us to Beebe’s lab to confirm and shortly we found out we were pregnant,” Falan recalls. “I even called the next day to make sure it was really me and that they had the right person.”

Falan and her husband of nearly three years, Antoine, were shocked. Antoine was elated – “he wanted a child,” Falan says. “But, I was more nervous than anything. I never really pictured myself having children.”


Preparing for Baby

So, Falan did what every 30-something soon-to-be-mother would do – she took to the internet. “I researched everything!”

She also leaned on her own mother, Gina, for support. “My mom has always been there for me. And, when I was pregnant, our relationship grew even more,” Falan said.

Her son, Alijah, was born on Valentine’s Day – a healthy, happy baby at 6 pounds, 6 ounces.

“He’s our first child, so everything was new to us,” Falan said. “I was planning to have him naturally, but it didn’t work out that way.”

The umbilical cord was wrapped around Alijah’s neck, so Dr. Adeline Nukuna, an OB/GYN with DelMed did a C-section.

“While I was terrified about the surgery, everyone was so nice to me, and they talked me through every aspect of the procedure,” Falan said. “As soon as Alijah was out and they checked him, he was with me. He rode along on my chest back to our room and we were able to start breastfeeding that night.”

Alijah and Falan both needed to learn how to make breastfeeding work for them. “It was all new to both of us, but Ms. Nancy (Hastings) really helped and coached us. I don’t know what we would have done without her,” Falan said.

Nancy Hastings, Certified Lactation Consultant with Beebe, works with all new mothers to help them find the right positions and ways to breastfeed.

“Nancy and the entire Beebe team were so supportive and helped motivate me to try new positions so we could find something that worked for us,” Falan said. “Even when I got home and was having some issues, I was able to talk to Nancy and work through issues so that I could be successful.”

Falan was surprised to receive a text from Nancy when Nancy was on vacation. “She was checking in on me and I was surprised and delighted because I did have questions, but I didn’t want to bother her. The fact that she cared so much was just heartwarming and made me cry,” Falan recalls. “It helped to know I had her there.”

Her advice to other new moms, “There’s never a right time to become a mom. It’s always going to be scary – whether you plan for it months or years in advance or whether it is a surprise. Once your baby is in your arms though, all you want to do is protect them and make them healthy and strong and smart.”

“It’s a lot of work, but it is so worth it.”

Considering motherhood or have questions about having your first child? Contact Carrie Snyder, the Beebe Women's Health Nurse Navigator, at (844) 316-3330, or email [email protected] for more information.