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How to Tell if You’re Ready For Motherhood

Am I ready to be a mom? Will I know when I have everything in order? What signs should I look for? How confident should I feel? If you’re thinking about having a baby these are all common questions you probably identify with. The “mom” title is a big transition—no doubt—and it can be difficult to determine when you’re ready for it. Whether you’re “goo goo eyes” for motherhood or it has you questioning your maternal ability and instincts—you’re not alone. Everyone has a different feeling about motherhood, and a season of uncertainty is to be expected.


So as you continue to mull over the idea of motherhood, here are some things to ask yourself to help you navigate the big decision.

Am I willing to make sacrifices? Children require a lot of attention, especially when they are young. If you are focusing on your career or are not ready to make the sacrifices needed to be totally responsible for another human, then you may want to dig deeper and map out how motherhood may affect your priorities. As you are deciding, you may determine the sacrifices are worth it as parenthood also brings exceptional joy.

Do I have a community or support system to rely on? This looks different for everyone. It may be family members, or a life partner, or an organization—either way, you want to make sure you have individuals you can turn to for help during this transition.

Is my health an area of concern? You can get this one answered by researching your family history and by visiting your gynecologist for a wellness checkup. It’s important that you find out if pregnancy is a safe option for you. Once you have clarity on the matter, you can start modifying your workout routine and eating habits to ensure a healthy pregnancy. If you are considering starting your family, you may also want to talk to your doctor about taking a daily multivitamin. It is not bad to start taking a prenatal vitamin well in advance of your pregnancy.

What about my age, relationship status, job title, and financial security? These are all valuable areas to discuss with your partner or someone you trust, but even with every box checked and every T crossed, you may still feel a sense of apprehension. This is completely natural. It’s part of what makes you human. Taking the time to show yourself grace and to organize your thoughts is a great way to feel more prepared and at ease leading up to your decision.

As you think through the potential lifestyle adjustments that come with having a baby, remember to embrace your unique journey and encourage yourself to be open to motherhood in its various forms. As a woman, you champion the path toward discovery, honesty, and acceptance when it comes to motherhood—and that’s something worth celebrating no matter what decision you make.

Beebe Healthcare is here to help you weigh your options—whether that’s motherhood or not—we’ll walk you through how to make safe and healthy decisions for yourself. Contact our Women’s Health Nurse Navigator, Carrie Snyder, at (844) 316-3330 or email for more information.