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Myths & Truths About Labor & Delivery

We turned to Beebe delivery specialist and OB/GYN Katrin S. Arnolds, MD, FACOG, to dispel common misconceptions.


T or F? Most moms-to-be come to you with a birthing plan in mind.

TRUE. A majority do, and some parents write out a formal plan.


T or F? A majority of plans involve a C-section or being induced.

FALSE. Most moms plan to avoid this if possible. They desire a natural-style, vaginal delivery unless there is a medical limitation.


T or F? There can be potential harm in scheduling induction before 39 weeks.

TRUE. Anything before 37 weeks is considered premature. Early delivery increases the risk of prematurity, which often leads to respiratory issues and other complications for the baby.


T or F? Most due dates line up with what the doctor anticipates.

TRUE, but only when the mother visits her OB/GYN early on. The first 12 weeks set the stage for an accurate delivery date.


T or F? It is safe for the mother and child to give birth before 37 weeks. 

FALSE. Unless there is a medical concern for mother or child, full term—or 40 weeks—is best.


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This article appeared in the Fall 2016 issue of The Beacon.