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Your Baby’s Developmental Milestones: Year One

Whether you’re pregnant, planning to be, or a brand new parent, having a baby is a beautiful and rewarding adventure. As you can imagine, your baby will grow and change drastically during the early stages of their newborn life.

During this season of growing there is a lot to anticipate and celebrate, which is why we’ve put together a handy guide to help you keep track of your little one and all their developmental milestones along the way. Remember your baby is precious, unique, and will have his or her own timeline. Allow the following information to serve as a helpful outline.


0-3 Month Milestones

Tiny toes and big strides. Your baby’s first three months will be full of facial developments, such as increased eye focus and smiling, along with growing neck strength and more interaction. Your baby will start to:

  • Move its head from side to side
  • Hold head and neck up for brief moments
  • Start reaching for objects


3-6 Month Milestones

The next phase of your newborn’s life will include improved brain functions and growing senses. Your baby will be able to recognize colors and will become more aware of surroundings. Things to look for:

  • Pushing up on arms when laying on tummy
  • Beginning to roll over, and eventually rolling over all the way


6-9 Month Milestones

Moving and grooving! Your little one can now appreciate salty flavors and will start to crave more solid food. Movements to watch out for:

  • Starting to crawl and scoot
  • Can sit up with support
  • Climbing and crawling


9-12 Month Milestones

Your baby will be fascinated with different textures and scents during these months. Try exposing them to new things like flowers or foods by letting them touch and smell them. The wonders of walking may also begin to sprout up, so be on the lookout for your little one to start:

  • Pulling up to stand
  • Moving and walking using furniture
  • Standing without support, or maybe even taking first steps

Oh, the fun of journeying through the first year of life with your precious little one! As a parent, keep in mind that attention is key, so set aside time to smile, interact, and respond to your baby when they make sounds or reach for you to help nurture them during their first year. Apply your knowledge from the list above as you track your child’s progress and cheer them on as they develop their personality and prepare for bigger milestones in the future.

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