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Beebe is here to support you in your quest to improve and maintain good health. The goal of Beebe Wellness is to empower you with the knowledge and skills in multiple dimensions of wellness to help prevent illness and disease, as well as to manage any chronic medical conditions, so that you can enjoy an optimum quality of life.

Beebe offers workshops and classes as well as one-on-one health coaching allowing you to explore and learn about differing areas of wellness so that you find a path that you enjoy and that motivates you.

Beebe also connects you to Beebe Healthcare’s experts in diverse medical fields who can support you in your health journey. If you suffer from chronic back or neck pain, Beebe offers physical therapy programming as a treatment option. Find out more.

Beebe Wellness also includes Pulmonary Wellness and Cardiac Wellness program.

Rita Karapurkar Williams, MA, CHES Health Coach

Rita is a certified Wellness Inventory Coach and has completed certificate programs in Integrative Health and Lifestyle, and mindfulness curriculm training.

Rita Karapurkar Williams is a Health Coach at Beebe Healthcare. As a Health Coach, she partners with individuals to foster positive behaviors and help them reach their health goals. She is also instrumental in planning, developing and implementing the Wellness program.

With years of experience developing patient-centered health education programs, she strongly believes that for people to get well or stay well, they need education (knowledge + skills) and tools that empower and engage them to take an active role in their health. Healthy behaviors is a way of life. And, it is not one-size-fits-all; individuals are at the center of their own health, with different values, goals, and needs.

Rita holds a master’s in Health Education from Teacher’s College, Columbia University and she is a certified health education specialist (CHES). In addition, she has completed a certificate program in Integrative Health and Lifestyle program from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and is a Certified Wellness Inventory Coach through Well People.

Rita is also a founding member of Minds Over Matter Initiative, LLC, a local organization focused on delivering mindfulness training to students, educators, families and community members throughout Delmarva. To support the Initiative, Rita completed the Mindful Schools Foundations course and Curriculum Training certificate program. She is always growing and learning, personally and professionally!

Call Rita to schedule a coaching session: (302) 217-3000.

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