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About Two Weeks Left to Share Your Kudos for Beebe Healthcare Heroes

kudos team

This holiday season, give the gift of kudos by sending thanks to your Sussex County’s healthcare heroes at Beebe until the end of the year.

Schell Brothers has again partnered with Beebe Medical Foundation, and through December 31, Beebe team members, the community, and the public at large will have the opportunity to grant kudos and show gratitude for Beebe Heroes, community partners, and those around them through the Kudos For A Cause Campaign.

Project Kudos is an opportunity to show appreciation and gratitude for those around us by giving them kudos via social media: Facebook or Instagram (@projectkudospoweredbyschellbrothers). For each kudos received by Beebe, Schell Brothers will donate $1 to Beebe Medical Foundation on your behalf.

“We are excited to partner with Schell Brothers & Project Kudos once again to spread kudos and good cheer this holiday season. Our team members and community partners have worked tirelessly to keep our community healthy and safe this year, and now we have this opportunity to show our gratitude,” said Amy Keller, Event Coordinator, Beebe Medical Foundation.

In January 2020, Schell Brothers started the Kudos for a Cause Campaign and each month they partner with a different charity to help spread happiness and raise money for a nonprofit organization. Just two years in and they have already donated over 285,943.00 to more than 61 local organizations. Schell Brothers is harnessing the power of social media to make people feel awesome by doing good.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Beebe again and are excited about their mission, their expansion plans and their commitment to community,” said Alyssa Titus, Marketing Director Schell Brothers.

Join the Project Kudos movement to show gratitude and spread kindness by giving kudos via social media: Facebook or Instagram (be sure to tag @projectkudospoweredbyschellbrothers). For each kudos given between November 19 and December 31, Schell Brothers will donate $1 to Beebe Medical Foundation on your behalf.

“We are thrilled to support Beebe Medical Foundation this year, too, and we are encouraging everybody to take a moment and acknowledge the good that they already have in their lives. Celebrate that good, show gratitude, give kudos!” said Adelina Riddick, Marketing Specialist Schell Brothers.

From left to right: Beebe Medical Foundation supporting Project Kudos with Sue Tucker, Amy Keller, Justen Albright, Amanda Neal, Wendy Smith, Adelina Riddick (Schell), Dave Szumski, Kay Young, and Sean Flannigan.