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Visiting Beebe Healthcare

If you are visiting Beebe Healthcare's Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus to see a patient in the hospital, it can be confusing. Here are some tips so you can make the most of your visit:

Because of COVID-19, only one healthy visitor is permitted in most situations, including in the Emergency Department, for those on comfort care, for those needing to come in for surgery or a procedure, for those giving birth, or for those who need a driver.

If you have questions about the visitor policy, refer to the COVID-19 Resource Center here or call 302-645-3300.

Parking at the Hospital

All visitors can enter though either the West Entrance by the parking garage or through the East Entrance by the Emergency Department. The West Entrance is the Main Entrance.

Each person must be wearing a face covering or mask to enter. Upon entering, you can expect to be asked a series of questions related to COVID-19 and to have your temperature taken via a forehead scan.

All visitors will be asked to provide photo identification. Visitors’ names will be collected by Beebe Guest Services team members at check-in, along with date, time, destination, and purpose. The electronic FAST-PASS system will make it easy for you to enter the hospital on multiple occasions because it keeps a record of visitors. This system is important for the safety of everyone in the health center.

If you are accompanying someone to an appointment, you may be asked to wait in your car, instead of in the waiting room. We are working hard to keep everyone safe by reducing the number of people in waiting rooms, providing scheduled appointments for all services (except Walk-In and Emergency), and reminding those coming to our locations to maintain physical distancing.

Additional information about your visit will be provided during the scheduling and registration process.

Beebe Gift Shop

Beebe is proud to offer a Gift Shop at the hospital. The Gift Shop is operated by Beebe Medical Center Auxiliary and funds are used to improve care throughout Beebe Healthcare. The Gift Shop is currently closed to protect the team working there.

Getting Something to Eat

There are two dining options at the Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus - the Sunshine Cafe and the Captain's Crew Cafe. Both feature daily specials, hot entrees, and to go options. The Sunshine Cafe is currently operating on reduced hours. The Captain's Crew is open during normal business hours with hot meals and grab-and-go options.

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