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Statistics vary by type of cancer, but, overall, more and more people are surviving cancer and going on to lead productive lives. In fact, nationally, there are 12 million survivors and growing. And the rates are increasing virtually every year. Surviving cancer is different from being treated successfully for many other types of disease, however. You may need ongoing care for symptoms related to your treatment as well as preventative care.

Beebe's Oncology Services team will design a comprehensive survivorship plan to address all of your physical and emotional needs. Your plan may include everything from screenings and diet regimens to support groups and lifestyle recommendations.

Yes, cancer will impact your life physically and emotionally, but never forget that it is a disease; it is not who you are. Here at the Tunnell Cancer Center, we meet many wonderful people who happen to have a common problem — a diagnosis of cancer. Each one is an individual who deserves our respect and kindness in addition to our medical expertise. Respecting your individual dignity is our pledge to you.

Support Services for Our Patients

While facing cancer is certainly a life-changing experience, we strive to support you in every way we can so you can maintain the optimistic attitude and good emotional health that play a vital role in the effectiveness of treatment. Learn about giving.

Supportive counseling services are available for you, your spouse, significant other, and family members. We provide referrals to community agencies and resources. We help you find prescription assistance if you cannot afford the costs of prescriptions (and meet income qualifications). There are various local, state, and federal programs that can assist with prescription costs. Also, various pharmaceutical companies offer prescription assistance for which you may qualify. Van transportation on the shuttle to and from treatment sessions and or appointments is available should you not have a way to get to and from the cancer center.

Oncology-certified nurses and staff are available—at initial consultations, and before and after treatments—for routine questions and individual queries. We discuss with patients and family members any possible side effects a patient might have, and we help find a way to handle those side effects. Patients and families will also have the full support of Beebe, which is only steps away.

Jean & Joan Fund Recovery and Education Center

Located at Beebe's Tunnell Cancer Center at the Abessinio Health Campus, the Jean & Joan New Reflection and Education Center provides a wide range of information as well as physical and emotional recovery services for breast cancer patients. Image recovery is a key goal of the education center, which offers wig and prosthesis fitting, lymphedema products, facts about medications and chemotherapy, as well as information on support groups and outreach services.

Beebe's Cancer Support Groups and Programs

Talking with others who are going through similar experiences to yours can help both you and your family cope with your circumstances. In addition to learning from others, sharing your thoughts and emotions with a group can help you feel more in control of your situation.

Beebe Support Groups

Additional Resources

The Cancer Support Community, Delaware: (302) 645-9150, or online at CSC-DE is a support organization for cancer patients and their families, has located its local office above the cancer center. Its free programs are facilitated by licensed and experienced psychotherapists.

Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition: Among its services is the Peer Mentor Support Program, which provides free one-on-one support and education to breast cancer patients.

The American Cancer Society: (800) 227-2345 or online at