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Vikas Batra, MD

There are many reasons to quit smoking, and every smoker has their own personal motive. When advising patients on the best methods to successfully quit smoking, Vikas Batra, MD, of Sussex Pulmonary & Endocrine Consultants, PA, says, “Before you quit, think about the why, what, and who.”

WHY? One has to be mentally ready to quit to be successful, so Dr. Batra asks patients to consider why they want to quit smoking. Understanding your motivation can help keep you focused.
WHAT? Smoking is an addiction. When you put down your cigarettes, you will have cravings. What is your plan to deal with these cravings? What are your triggers?
WHO? Who is your support system? Don’t be ashamed of previous failures and tell everyone that you are making an attempt to quit because you will need them. Lean on your loved ones or consider talking to a
smoking cessation coach. Talk to your doctor as well, and you can always ask about smoking cessation medications.
Are you ready to resolve to quit smoking? Any smoker who is a Delaware resident and is 18 years of age is eligible to take part in Beebe’s smoking cessation program. Call (302) 645-3030 to make your appointment and set your quit date.

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