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The Winter 2019 Beacon Magazine

Guest Welcome Letter

Here it is, the time of year when we often make a New Year’s resolution… and many of those resolutions are centered around improving our own personal health, whether it be to lose weight, exercise more, or make better nutritional choices. Many of these resolutions fail within just a few weeks. We often find it is easier to go back to our old ways, and we lose the strength and motivation to commit to ourselves. When I made the decision to better my health in September 2017, it took a lot of discipline to embrace the changes I was making for myself, to stay strong enough to make my goals a priority, to not make excuses, and most importantly to not let daily life derail the better version of myself that I aspired to be. I resolved. I committed. I succeeded. You can, too!

New for 2019!

In its recent past history, Beacon Magazine has been inserted in our local newspapers. Now, in 2019, the Beacon has been upgraded to a mail delivery magazine! To find out how you can be added to the list to receive the Beacon at your home mailbox, email [email protected].

Strengthen Your Resolve

As 2019 starts, many people set New Year's resolutions to do more, get more, do less, or even quit. Many set goals too high, only to end up falling off the wagon. So, how can we make new habits stick?
Back in the summer of 2017, Alison Houck admitted to herself that she was not feeling good, neither physically nor mentally, and she decided it was time to make a change. READ HER STORY.
Keep Your Resolutions. Click for more.

This is the Year I Will Quit Smoking

While some of us want to increase our exercise, others want to quit. One of the most popular resolutions is one to quit smoking. There are many reasons to quit smoking, and every smoker has their own personal motive. When advising patients on the best methods to successfully quit smoking, Vikas Batra, MD, of Sussex Pulmonary & Endocrine Consultants, PA, says, “Before you quit, think about the why, what, and who.” LEARN MORE.
Eating healthy is a daily habit that you must practice.

Nutrition: The Core of Our Health

Achieving success means tracking your progress, being flexible, being willing to revise goals, and rewarding yourself when you are successful. It's the practice of cultivating a daily, positive habit, says Beebe Ornish Lifestyle Medicine RD Debra Dobies. LEARN HOW.

Stressed Out? Kick that Habit Today!

According to Dr. Dean Ornish, founder of Ornish Lifestyle Medicine, “Chronic emotional stress can make things worse in so many ways. It can worsen blood pressure, it can worsen the blockages in your arteries, and it can precipitate irregular heart rhythms—and that’s just the effect on your heart!” Beebe's Ornish team have some tips for kicking that stress to the curb. LEARN MORE.

Do Your Heart Good

M.L. Ray Kuretu's patients often tell him they feel sad or depressed after heart surgery. Dr. Kuretu shares some reasons why they feel this and what you can do to avoid the blues. READ MORE.

Keep On Rolling

Patty Baumer of Lewes loves to travel. As a travel agent, being on the road is part of her career. So, when a boating accident led to back pain, Patty went to see Abimbola Afolabi, MD, with Orthopaedic Associates of Southern Delaware. READ PATTY'S STORY.