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Welcome to the Fall 2018 Women's Health issue of the Beacon!

Beacon Fall 2018 Women's Health Issue

Highlights & Extras from the Issue

Are you depressed? Clinical depression is a very common condition—in fact, approximately one in five Americans experience an episode in their lifetime. However, despite its prevalence, only about 50 percent of people who suffer from depression actually receive treatment. To help raise awareness of this condition, we’ve teamed up with Google to help provide more direct access to tools and information to people who may be suffering. LEARN MORE ABOUT GOOGLE'S SCREENING TOOL - PHQ-9. Or, Google "clinical depression" from your cell phone and in the Information block, click "Check if you're clinically depressed" to take the screening.
Beware the toddler tantrum
Mastering the Meltdown. We've all been there: You're in the grocery store and your toddler just can't deal. The screaming, the tears - it all leads the #epic toddler tantrum. Stacey Fox, MD, FAAP, of Beacon Pediatrics has tips for you here.
There's Not Always a Lump. For some patients, there is never a noticeable lump or any symptoms leading up to the diagnosis of breast cancer. That’s why Luisa Galdi, DO, Board-Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist, advocates for women to have yearly screening mammograms at age 40.
“I often suggest to my patients that their first screening mammogram should be a 40th birthday present and should be something they complete before celebrating and blowing out the candles!” READ MORE.
Showing You Care. When a friend or loved one is diagnosed with cancer, it can be hard to know what to say. Blogger Amanda Aris discusses ways you can show you care.

Are You the 1 in 3?

Deb Brown was diagnosed with prediabetes. Her husband, Milton, has diabetes. She was determined to do something to stop herself from getting diabetes.
An in-depth look at pre-diabetes - who is at risk and what you can do. Read Deb Brown's story and learn what action you can take now from Karen E. Smith Coleman, MD, FACE, of Beebe Endocrinology.
How Does Your Thyroid Affect Your Hormones? Find out the different conditions that can affect your thyroid here.

Our Unexpected Therapists

Our pets can often provide valuable support even when humans cannot. Do you have a pet who helps take care of you? Share with us on Instagram @BeebeHealthcare. Tag us in your pet pic and use #PetTherapy.
Learn more about Beebe's Pet Therapy program and how our pets help us here.
Want to join Beebe at an upcoming event? Check out our Calendar!
Dinah Reath had a heart attack while teaching an aquatic exercise class. Now, after two stents and Cardiac Rehab, Dinah is excited to share her knowledge as a volunteer cardiac coach.

Parting Shot

Dinah Reath was the last person who expected to have a heart attack - until she did. Read her story of acceptance and strength.
Even More Content: This issue of the Beacon also included the Beebe Medical Foundation Gratitude Report. Read it here!