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In support of the community and the patients we serve, we want people to know what Beebe has done to safeguard and protect children and infirm adults of any age. Using a focus group, the Commission attempted to identify issues of importance, using a question-and-answer format, as follows:

What should I expect when I take my child to a doctor in our community?

We have prepared a guide entitled "Your Child's Doctor Visit" to help both parents and children when going to see their doctor. This guide is available for download and is also available as a brochure in Beebe physicians' offices.

What has changed with the General Assembly’s passage of several new bills in the most recent legislative session?

Our elected officials passed several laws to increase the attention paid to physician/patient relationships and to help ensure greater transparency and scrutiny when it comes to reviewing the practices and conduct of hospitals, doctors, and other health professionals.

What should I know if I take my child or elderly parent to a doctor, and the doctor or practitioner needs to perform an intimate exam of some kind?

One of the new bills requires hospitals, doctors, and other practitioners to offer patients a chaperone whenever an intimate examination is being performed on a pediatric patient. If you have any questions about whether or not a chaperone is necessary, please don't hesitate to ask your doctor or health professional. If you desire the presence of a chaperone, insist on it. At Beebe, we have developed a Chaperone Policy (download PDF) that explains when a chaperone should be made available or is required. We will also have brochures in the hospital and in our doctors' offices to help better explain this practice. Beebe's Chaperone Policy expands upon the law and requires chaperones not only for pediatric patients but for other patients as well in many circumstances.

What do I do if I see or observe a doctor or other health professional acting inappropriately or unprofessionally?

If you believe a physician or other healthcare practitioner is engaging in unprofessional or unsafe behavior you should contact the Division of Professional Regulations. We have provided that contact information for you:

Investigative Supervisor Division of Professional Regulations 861 Silver Lake Boulevard Suite 203 Dover, DE 19904-2467 302-744-4500 Monday–Friday 8:00–4:30

You may also contact Beebe, via our Corporate Compliance Hotline at 877-373-0120.

Beebe has also developed a comprehensive reporting procedure entitled "The Duty to Report Unprofessional or Unsafe Conduct." It is to be utilized by all employees and physicians associated with Beebe. This new procedure replaces our former process, making it much easier to report a concern. To date, more than 2,000 employees, contract staff, and doctors at Beebe have been trained in the new processes.

What has Beebe Medical Center done to change its policies and procedures to prevent a doctor or health professional from attempting to take advantage of children?

Beebe undertook a comprehensive review of all monitoring, reporting, and investigative procedures for both the Medical Center and the Medical Staff. We have made numerous changes to our policies and procedures to protect the public, and more particularly the vulnerable among us. Because Beebe does not have authority or jurisdiction over what happens in the offices of private practice doctors, we have also worked very closely with members of our Medical Staff to ensure the entire medical community is doing everything possible to prevent sexual abuse.

What services are available now in our community to help children and/or their families who have been sexually assaulted or victimized?

At the present time, the State of Delaware has provided specially trained personnel to Sussex County to treat the children and families who have been victimized by Earl Bradley. If you believe that you or someone you know needs to talk to someone about a child or a personal discomfort, please call 302-645-4903.

What is happening with the lawsuits that have been filed against Beebe Medical Center?

The lawsuits are a matter of grave concern to Beebe. The attorneys representing the hospital, the victims, and other defendants are all seeking a fair and prompt resolution of all claims.

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