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Beebe Believer: Stefanie Stratton

As a Human Resources Specialist at Beebe, Stefanie Stratton looks forward to meeting new and current team members. She believes in the Beebe Values as a way to bring out the best in people.

Stefanie has worked at Beebe Healthcare for almost two years. She likes that Beebe has a set of values that describe characteristics of our current team members and our future team members. Asking questions related to the Beebe Values during the interview helps identify a person’s work ethic and how they will fit in here at Beebe.

“Beebe is like a hard-working family. When there is an issue, we come together, work together, and find a great solution,” she said. “It’s that passion for team that I look for in job candidates. I look to the Beebe Values and see how a potential new employee would fit into our existing family.”

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