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Celebrate Excellent Care

Beebe’s 'Holiday of Life' gives me a sense of Action

Donna Ohle enjoys the chance to dedicate stars for Beebe’s Holiday of Life fundraiser to honor or remember those she loves.


For the past several years, I have participated in Beebe’s Holiday of Life fundraiser. The concept of making a donation to sponsor one of the Stars of Life in honor or memory of a loved one brings me joy, and gives me a sense of action and celebration.

The first year I participated, I honored my cousin who had recently passed, to whom I was very close. It was an emotional donation, but I felt better having actually done something to honor her memory. The next year, I decided to participate again, this time expanding my list to include not only those who had passed but also others who were amid personal health battles themselves.

To be perfectly honest, I also have a soft spot in my heart for Beebe. I am a true Beebe Believer. I volunteer with Beebe Medical Foundation, I participated on Beebe’s Patient and Family Advisory Council providing design input for Beebe’s newest facilities, and I vote monthly on Beebe’s L.O.V.E. Notes Committee that provides peer acknowledgment for outstanding Beebe team members. I am also active with other Beebe fundraisers that speak to me, such as the Go Purple initiative.

The Holiday of Life fundraiser is, for me, about personal reflection. The last couple of years have been incredibly difficult. My personal interaction with friends, family and organizations has been started and stopped so many times I’ve lost count. And although I’ve been able to reconnect and spend time with those I care about, it’s still been tough.

That’s what makes me especially grateful for the opportunity to do something to honor or remember those I love! I am proud to sponsor more stars this year. I’ve expanded my list to include friends who are currently receiving terrific care at Tunnell Cancer Center.

When I texted one of my cancer-fighter friends to let her know I was including her name on a star, she said, “This brings a tear to my eye; love you sweetie.” My other friend responded with, “I am so touched that you thought to honor me. Tunnell has been great.”

Hearing this from them is what really matters to me. Anytime I can bring happiness to someone else, it makes my day. I like that my gift to Beebe allows me to let my friends know that I love them and am thinking of them this holiday season.

So thank you, Beebe, for making the Holiday of Life fundraiser available for me, and those I love and care about.

To donate a star, go to and click on Holiday of Life or call Karen Duffield at 302-644-2900.