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Celebrate Excellent Care

As Good as an Emergency Department Trip Could Be

Robert Geis and Maggie Bagwell

By Robert Geis
On February 15, my wife and I were prepping to leave our home in Lewes, driving back to Baltimore for the upcoming week.  We had arranged for a contractor to stop by that morning to look at a few projects for us.
When the contractor arrived at the front door, I was upstairs.  With a hearty, “Come in!” I headed down the stairs and our 1-year-old puppy, Murphy, who was now excitedly barking, launched down the stairs right beside me.  In an instant, everything went wrong.  Our legs became tangled, and I fell down the stairs, landing on my nose and forehead on the ceramic tile.
I was able to stand up but my wife, Maggie, and I agreed that I should go to the Emergency Department so she drove me to Beebe.   I was incredible pleased with everything I experienced at Beebe from the moment I arrived.  Every single person was as professional and friendly as they could be.  I was immediately taken back for treatment and I truly did receive excellent care.   
The staff was compassionate and capable, and I was relieved when the MRI result came back with no major damage.  My entire episode at Beebe was, in the scheme of things, pretty quick.  I was treated and released, and my wife came back to get me.  We made it home to Baltimore without major delay and I just wanted to write to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped me that day.  This was my first experience with Beebe, and it could not have been a better one.  
I’m now pretty much healed and Murphy and I have an agreement that we do not share the stairs anymore.  I’m glad to know, however, that excellent care is right here when we need it!  Thank you, Beebe!


Caption: Shown are Maggie Bagwell and Robert Geis.