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Celebrate Excellent Care

Retired nurse applauds excellent care at Beebe

As a retired registered nurse, Marjorie Mounts was truly impressed by the outstanding care and kindness she experienced during her 2 1/2-week stay at Beebe.

By Marjorie Mounts

Near the end of June, I experienced an unplanned admission to Beebe Healthcare. I did not know when I was admitted that my stay would last two and a half weeks. During my hospitalization, I encountered an excellent array of staff, including hospitalists, nursing, CNAs and support staff such as X-ray and lab technicians, and transport and custodial workers. Without exception, the entire Beebe team offered full support with friendly, gentle help. 

Harvey Y. Lee, MD, and Daniel Puga, MD, led my care plan. Dr. Puga, with diligence, extracted a detailed medical history and determined the cause of my symptoms. He is an outstanding hospitalist. His expertise, demeanor and knowledge are excellent. He made himself available to my daughter and son, answering questions and informing them of all that was being done and what the expectations were.  

My early treatment expanded and gradually I began to improve. During my care, I had several CT scans, X-rays and endoscopic exams. Without exception, every technician was supportive and gentle when arranging my positioning. 

Many of the tests took place in the evening, and I was fortunate to have Mario Flores Serrano transport me to many of them. Always smiling and expertly transferring me, Mario was wonderful, warm and very capable. 

The lab department I saw daily, mostly in the very early morning, and they were all excellent with my blood draws. I never felt discomfort while they used various veins to draw my blood. Mike Kent, RN, from the pic team, found a vein which served me well for IV fluids and medications. Thank you, Mike. 

Linda Wagner and Maria Thompson from Nutritional Services were so helpful with trying fluids to see which I liked on my low liquid allowance. 

My entire care team was exceptional, including Boris Antonov, MD; Bryah Armstrong, RN; Jose Bacalanmo, RN; Phil Bailey, DO, ED physician; Victor Banzon, MD, pulmonary physician; Rachel Beeson, RN; Bennett Blaskey, PT; Patricia Bradley, RD; Kathleen Campos, RN; Lori Cherundolo, RD; Cheryl Cowan, anesthesia CRNA; Lauren Dalgren, PTA; Elisabeth Dean, discharge planner; Holly Diehl, PTA; Crystal DiMattia, RN; Mandy Donaldson, RN; Jennifer Edgar, discharge planner; Megan Ellingsworth, RD; Rachel Esposito, RN; Crystal Feindt, RN; Rachel Fields, AGNP; Lauren Fleetwood, RN; Jennifer Guerin, OT; Brenda Hackett-Brown, PT; Nicole Talishia Hopkins, RN; Jessica Ketterman, RN; Maciej Klosowski, MD; Keith Joseph Kuhfahl, DO; Donald Kung, PT; Jeremy Lacinski, RN; Harvey Lee, MD; Evan Leitner, MD; Breanna Lindsey, RN; Darra Markland, PA; Jacqueline Marshall, RN; Janet Merrifield, PTA; Serge Ndione, RN; Benedict Parfitt, RN; Rajind Prasad, MD; Daniel Puga, MD; Angelina Pulsifer, RN; Shorica Purnell, RN; Rabail Qureshi, MD; Lauren Speakman, RN; Kaitlyn Steelman, RN; Kimberly Travis, NP; Ninette Vilareal, RN; Paula Waite, chaplain; and certified nursing assistants Louella Fassett, Kendra Kerr, Kylie Arndt, Sarah Chorman, Madison Hoehn, Madison Irwin, Cesia Gaspar, Mary Kate Kane, Hailey Howard and Skyler McClure. 

I would like to send a special thanks out to: Jon B. Wiggins, MD, who ordered an endoscopic exam that was instrumental in finding the cause of my medical problem; Lauren Fleetwood, RN, who monitored me one night when I was very ill; Nicole Hagiwara, RN, an excellent nurse who helped me with information which benefitted my care; and Elizabeth Owens, RN, whose schedule worked in my favor as she was with me frequently. She is calm, multitasks well, and has an encouraging and empathetic manner. I felt she was kind enough to wait until I was discharged to take some time off! Other special nurses were Veronica Guajardo, RN; Faith Adolf, nurse tech; Colleen Cimo, NP; and Michael Dempsey, RN. 

I am a retired registered nurse, and although nurses do not typically make good patients, I cannot say enough about the excellent care I received at every turn. Beebe Healthcare is fortunate to have physicians, nurses and staff of such high quality to continue to provide the outstanding care this health system brings to our community. 

I am now at home, being visited by Beebe Care nurses and physical therapists. 

This message is my thank you. Thank you, Beebe Healthcare, for the care I received during my hospitalization, and even now after my discharge.  

As a community-based, not-for-profit healthcare system, Beebe Healthcare depends on the generous support of the community it serves. To make a gift to celebrate the excellent care you or a loved one has received, visit Beebe Medical Foundation at or call 302-644-2900. Want to share your story? Contact Amanda Neal at [email protected].