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Celebrate Excellent Care

Urgent care visit renews old memories for grateful patient

Catherine Mariani and Barb Sutherlin - file photo


By Barb Sunderlin

Photo Caption: (File photo from before COVID-19 pandemic) Nurse Cathy Mariani, left, and patient Barbara Sunderlin renew their acquaintance through Beebe’s excellent care – with happy results and pleasant memories. 

The day after my second COVID-19 vaccination shot, Sunday, March 14, I began to have stomach pain. I tried to wait it out, hoping the pain would somehow just magically go away, but I ended up asking my husband Drew to take me to Beebe’s Walk-In Care in Millville.

I am delighted that Beebe chose to keep its urgent care facility in Millville open seven days a week even after opening a new Emergency Department in the area about a year ago! I didn’t need the intense resources of an Emergency Room; I simply needed urgent care, and my entire experience that day was very pleasant.

I was greeted by two men at the front desk who were kind and very nice. I was taken back to an examination room and a masked, gowned nurse wearing a face shield greeted me. I assumed she was there to do the intake for my visit but instead, she asked if I remembered her.

I answered honestly that her face mask and shield were covering her features, and she responded with, “Well, I have been looking for you for three years!”

You see, three years ago, I visited this same urgent care facility because I was having pain in my hip. I was taken care of by an exceptional nurse who helped put my mind at ease and calm me down. After that visit, I reached out to Beebe Medical Foundation, and a celebration was arranged to acknowledge this nurse for her incredible care. Her name was Cathy Mariani – and she was my nurse again on March 14! She had been hoping to see me again just to thank me for acknowledging her in such a special way three years ago.

And Cathy and her exceptional care were absolutely there for me again. Dr. Dean Dobbert ordered an X-ray, and I was able to walk across the parking lot and right into the imaging facility. I was relieved that it didn’t have to wait till Monday.

It was determined that my symptoms were a reaction to the COVID-19 vaccination shot. I was instructed to let my body rest as the stomach discomfort ran its course. From the convenience of a facility that was open on a Sunday, to my wonderful nurse, Cathy, the very caring Dr. Dobbert and even the folks in imaging, Beebe Healthcare was really there to care for me!

Before I left that day, I asked for a Celebrate Excellent Care brochure so I could acknowledge my experience. I smiled as I noticed that the photo on the brochure was of Cathy and me from three years ago! How funny and sweet. Congratulations to Beebe for attracting and keeping such wonderful caregivers – and thank you to Beebe for all that this health system provides for our community.