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Brenda Hackett-Brown: Team Beebe Stepped Up During COVID-19

Brenda Hackett-Brown, lead physical therapist for Beebe Physical Rehab's inpatient team, said what she will remember most from the early days of COVID-19 was how Team Beebe was ready and willing to step up and take action.

"In those early meetings, no one really knew what to expect, but everyone was ready to go... ready to do what needed to be done," Brenda recalls. "Many of my physical therapy team members were brought in from outpatient locations and given new jobs at the hospital. They were more than willing to come and do a job they had not done before. It was inspiring to see."

Brenda and her team were repurposed in many ways during the first few months after COVID-19 hit Delaware. Since then, many of them have gone back to their normal jobs.

"Looking back on it, I am just so proud of our team and of everyone at Beebe," Brenda said. "It was a scary time, but in all the meetings, everyone was upbeat and positive. We knew it would be OK as long as we all worked together, so that's what we did."


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