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What Have I Learned About Beebe?

Judy Aliquo, President & CEO of Beebe Medical Foundation, reflects on the changes and growth seen in our area, particularly reflected at Beebe Healthcare.

As a lifetime vacationer and now resident of Rehoboth, I have seen Beebe grow and change over the years, and any time our family has needed Beebe’s services, they have been extraordinary. As of September 2013, I began my career at Beebe as the President and CEO of Beebe Medical Foundation, and I have learned so much more about Beebe over the past four years.

Founded in 1916, Beebe has grown as the community has grown. Today, Beebe receives many prestigious awards and is often the first to bring state-of-the-art programs and equipment to Delaware.

This is possible for many reasons, but there are two main ones:

  1. The doctors, nurses, and all team members are experts in their field and are truly dedicated and compassionate.
  2. Grateful patients and community members give generously year after year to Beebe. We often hear, Of course, I’ll support Beebe as I know I will need Beebe some day and my support will help make Beebe the best it can be. So true!

Beebe is a not-for-profit, community healthcare system; therefore, your support IS critical to help us fund the expansion plans and continue to bring innovative programs to Sussex County.

Grateful Patients are investing in Beebe to say thank you! Many of the gifts to Beebe come from patients, as a result of the high quality of care and the exceptional experience. Great news for patients – giving back can help in the healing process, according to the research. Expressing thanks may be one of the simplest ways to feel better (The Harvard Mental Health Letter, November 2011). Patients often honor their caregiver at the time of their gift through our Celebrate Excellent Care Program.

All gifts large and small matter AND all gifts can be designated! Your contributions are critical and help Beebe continue to change and save lives daily. When you receive excellent care by our orthopaedic, cardiac/vascular, women’s health, cancer center, and emergency departments, you can designate your gift to that specific area of interest.

We are grateful for your support of Beebe—our not-for-profit healthcare system and for giving where you live! If you are a regular donor to Beebe, thank you! If you have never given a gift to Beebe, I ask you to consider donating! Our needs are growing as fast as Sussex County, and we hope all who live, vacation or work here will contribute to help us grow and expand!