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William Chasanov, DO: The Pandemic Made Us More of a Family

Dr William Chasanov, DO


William Chasanov, DO, grew up in Milford, Delaware. As a child he was interested in science, so when he went to college, he decided to go into medicine.

He attended the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and went into his post-graduate training as an internal medicine physician. During one of the rounds of his residency, Dr. Chasanov spent time with an infectious disease team. He really enjoyed it and after a few years decided to continue his training to become an infectious disease physician.

"After graduating from medical school, I thought it would be a good idea to get to work to pay off some of those loans," Dr. Chasanov says with a chuckle. "After a few years working, I went on to train as a specialist in infectious disease."
"What I will say is that there is really no way to train for a pandemic like this," Dr. Chasanov said. "This is a new virus - the novel coronavirus which causes COVID-19 - so that means we didn't know anything about it in advance. That makes it hard to plan for."
Dr. Chasanov decided to come to work at Beebe Healthcare because he grew up in this region and much of his family still lives locally. "Beebe has really become more of my family during this pandemic," Dr. Chasanov said. "This is an incredibly strong team. Everyone is very passionate about making the best choices for our community. The camaraderie really inspires me to do my best every day."
Dr. Chasanov works with Beebe Infectious Disease & Travel Medicine. He was recently named Director of Clinical Transformation and when COVID-19 hit, he was named the COVID-19 Response Medical Director.