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What to bring to your appointment with your oncologist or surgeon?

What to bring to appointment with oncologist


Most people will have an appointment scheduled with a medical oncologist or a Breast Surgeon after they have been diagnosed with cancer. This first appointment is important as it helps your medical oncologist Beebe Oncology team get to know you and it is an opportunity to have your questions answered.


What to expect at your first appointment

When you go in for your first appointment, you may be nervous and scared. Try to relax and know that your medical oncologist is here for you.

During the initial appointment, your medical oncologist or Breast Surgeon will go over your medical history, including the tests and scans you may have had leading up to your cancer diagnosis. This is a great time to ask any questions about these scans that you might have.

You may also have questions about genetics and whether this type of cancer does or might run in your family. Your medical oncologist or Breast Surgeon can answer these questions and can also connect you with a genetic counselor if indicated. It is important that you do your best to collect and write down a three generation family medical history, and bring that with you to your appointment.

If your testing leading up to your diagnosis was done in Delaware or at a Beebe location, your medical oncologist or Breast Surgeon will have those files in the system. If your testing was done elsewhere, please alert your medical team about this to make sure all files are sent to your medical oncologist and to your Breast Surgeon.

You should also bring your medication list, including any supplements or herbals that you might be taking. The medical oncologist will go over this list with you and may suggest removing or adding medications. Please include the dosage for each medication listed.

You will also want to have your personal information with you, including photo ID, insurance card, and any supplemental insurance plans you may have.


What to expect after your appointment

After your first appointment with your medical oncologist or Breast Surgeon, you will have a better idea of your treatment plan. You may be scheduled for additional scans, tests, or lab work. You may also be scheduled to meet with another member of our oncology team, such as social services or a navigator.

Your Beebe care team is here for you. Any time you have questions, you can reach out to our team for support.