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Simple Ways to Get Moving Without Joining a Gym


Get moving! Setting up regular times to exercise with a friend can help you get started.


We all know that exercise and movement help our bodies function and that it is important to move to keep our bodies healthy and lean.

However, life can get in the way. Kids, spouses, work, aging parents, and other obligations can cause our health – and exercising – to take a back seat!

When it comes to our health as we age, getting our heart rate up and our blood pumping is even more important. Regular exercise reduces the risk for heart disease, diabetes, vein disease, depression, and more!


So, how can you take simple steps to get moving? We have some tips:

  • Give yourself reasons to walk. Park far away from the store entrance and get in those extra steps.
  • Instead of use the escalator or elevator, take the stairs.
  • Set a timer or your phone to alert you every 20-30 minutes that it is time to get up and go for a quick walk. (Three 10-minute walks each day add up to 30 minutes of exercise!)
  • When walking, even when not in a hurry, walk at a brisk pace to get your blood pumping.
  • While watching TV, get up during commercials or at regular intervals and do lunges or squats.
  • Do jumping jacks after each trip to the bathroom.
  • Jog in place in your office or pace around during conference calls.
  • Get an accountability partner: This is a person who will go on walks with you during the day, meet you for a class, or simply encourage you to get moving regularly.


Exercise doesn’t always mean pumping iron in the gym or running a mini marathon while secretly trying to outrun the person next to you on the treadmill. Sometimes exercise can mean just getting up and moving around! Go for a hike, ride your bike down the trail, or go for a stroll through the woods. 

Eat right, get moving, and have fun!


If you have more than 100 pounds to lose, bariatric surgery might be an option.

Due to COVID-19, our in-person education sessions and group support meetings have been postponed. However, if you are interested in bariatric surgery and have questions, the Bariatric Wellness Coordinator can help. Fill out the form here. Call our bariatric surgery specialists at 302-703-3630. Learn more: Bariatric Surgery at Beebe.