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Chronic Pain during COVID

Chronic pain hits even when working from home


Well, I have been totally slacking on my blog since COVID hit. All of a sudden the world as we knew it changed and turned upside down. Our team started working remotely almost immediately. And we did and continue to do a bang-up job, if I do say so myself. I know so many people were feeling a rush of emotions and of course we had no idea how long we would continue to feel this way. As soon as work and life became all things COVID, my personal creativity switch turned off. It really didn’t even drip like a faucet that wasn’t completely turned off. It was like the breaker was turned off. While I love being at and working from home, all of my energy was consumed by COVID. We worked a lot and we worked hard just like everyone else at Beebe. And personally, I was grateful to be working! We were never really sure if we would have to work during the evenings and weekends so maybe I was just conserving what little brain capacity I had left.

Now, you may think that since you’re home and probably in your jammies most of the day that your pain would potentially decrease. NOPE. That was definitely not the case for me. I also know I don’t have an “office” set up so maybe not the best for me, but it is what it is based on the space we have in the house. I also suffered from the term my best friend and I coined, COVID cold. It didn’t seem to matter what the temp was outside as we passed into new seasons during COVID, but my house was/is always cold, so I was definitely one of the ones who wore sweat pants and sweat shirts every day – simply to just stay warm! When you have to tuck in your shirt to your sweat pants to keep in the heat, you may need to have a serious thermostat discussion with your husband or significant other. Since cold also increases my pain it was a constant battle in our house!

On top of just the regular stresses of every day, COVID added so much more. I have to admit that I am one of the lucky ones who wasn’t worried about losing my job or having to home school. For me, it was more the stress of not knowing how bad things might get, how long it would go on and the stress that I felt for others knowing their businesses will likely suffer, the adaptations to try to keep businesses open, how a friend’s kid may be dealing, etc. And then the “normal” stressing thoughts about our families’ staying safe!

Stress just perpetuates the pain. And let me tell you, when I don’t feel well, the last thing I often feel like doing is moving. Even stretching gives me the blahs. It’s a reminder of how tight I am; how out of shape I am! I would like to think a few stretches in the shower under the hot water will completely loosen me up for the day. While it does help, it’s a far cry from feeling great. COVID also made me just plain lazy. Maybe that goes back to my brain capacity feeling as if it’s often running at a negative rate.

We are now back in the office a few days a week. I thought I would really miss being home every day but it’s nice to see my people and be out in the world. Don’t get me wrong I still love my days working at home! But I think my husband probably also appreciates me being gone a few days out of the week! For me, his constant energy is also a stressor. He can go, go, go, and it literally can exhaust me just watching him or listening to him. Of course then he falls asleep in his office chair late at night soooooo there’s that.

But per the usual I digress…. As we are coming out of “all things COVID” there is still a ton of uncertainty, at least for me. What will the first few weeks of September be like with kids and teachers going back to school? Will there be any spikes? How will the districts react if there are? How will Beebe have to react if there are?

I keep having talks with friends in which the theme is - you can only control yourself and not others. So that being said, why stress about what you can’t control? Especially if it only adds to the aches and pains. I often laugh at myself as I get into my bed….with the heating pad on. What am I an 80-year-old lady? NOT YET PEOPLE! I think I will get myself back on track. Regardless of COVID, summertime around here is hard because even for those of us without kids, there is still no real “schedule.” And those who know me, know I love a schedule.

So, here’s to hoping that the fall brings a sense of renewal and not the opposite!

And finally, I’d like to close with, in light of COVID this year, don’t put off getting your flu shot because the LAST thing we need is a TWINDEMIC! I really just wanted to use that word, so mission accomplished.

Mary Green

Mary Green

Mary Green is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Beebe Healthcare. She is a Delaware native who loves the beach, cats, jewelry, and wine. She blogs about living with fibromyalgia in coastal Delaware.