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A Clear Picture of Breast Health

With 3D mammography, women have access to the latest technology at Beebe Healthcare. Cathleen Doane-Wilson, MD, OB/GYN with Beebe Women's Healthcare - Plantations, explained what we need to know about our breast health.


Q: How can women lower their risk of breast cancer?

Dr. Doane-Wilson: Early detection is key, so talk with your physician about your personal risk and when to start screenings. Exercise, while good in general for health, has also been proven to lower risk for breast cancer. Breastfeeding can help lower risk, as does reducing alcohol intake and lowering fat in your diet.


Q: What are the benefits of receiving a 3D mammogram?

Dr. Doane-Wilson: A 3D mammogram provides more detailed imagery of your breast tissue. We’ve found that 3D mammograms prevent repeat appointments. In a traditional scan, when physicians can’t see specific areas of concern—especially in women with dense breast tissue—they’ll call patients back for more scans, and with a 3D mammogram, that may not be necessary.


Q: What do women need to know about the 3D mammogram process?

Dr. Doane-Wilson: There’s no difference in the scanning process. It’s always a little uncomfortable, but I think it’s less so with the 3D process. Check with your insurance provider before you schedule your exam to see if 3D mammograms are covered.

Call (302) 645-3278 to schedule your 3D mammogram at the following Beebe locations—Millville, Rehoboth Beach or Georgetown (physician's referral required)—or read more about the process at

This article first appeared in the Fall 2016 issue of The Beacon.