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Your Partner in Care: All About Breast Health Nurse Navigators

Perhaps you’ve gone in for your annual mammogram and received word that you need further screenings. Or, maybe you’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer and are starting down the path toward treatment and recovery. Your mind may be racing, and you may have a flurry of questions, such as:

“What do I do now?”

“How do I keep track of doctor visits and everything else?”

“Am I going to be OK?”

The good news is that you don’t have to face the unknowns on your own. The Breast Health Navigators at Beebe’s Breast Health Center are here to support you in your journey.


The Role of a Beebe Nurse Navigator

Our friends and family help level out the challenges we face. Whether they offer up a warm embrace, time for comfort, or insightful advice, we often turn to them for solace when we face change. Nurse Navigators are also an integral part of your healthcare support network.

Along with emotional assistance and practical experience, Navigators bring valuable breast-health knowledge to your journey. Guiding you through the process of making appointments for further testing and appropriate next steps in the diagnostic and treatment process, Nurse Navigators are here to counsel you, listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and support you when you need to let your guard down.

Navigators are also here for your loved ones at all stages of your experience. Whether you are fighting through breast cancer or processing the results of a benign breast disease, your family can turn to them for information and support.


Learn more about the Beebe Breast Health program or call (302) 645-3630 to talk to Beebe's Breast Health Nurse Navigator.

Visit our Breast Cancer Resource Center.