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Family Medicine Residency


Our curriculum was designed to give residents experience in the broad range of diseases and conditions managed by the primary care physician. This curriculum also gives the resident the opportunity to tailor their rotations to meet their future career goals.

PGY 1 Curriculum
2 weeks Orientation
2 weeks Intro to Community Medicine
16 weeks Inpatient Medicine
4 weeks Emergency Medicine
4 weeks General Surgery
4 weeks Gynecology
2 weeks Outpatient Family Medicine
2 weeks Newborn
4 weeks Cardiology
2 weeks Inpatient Pulmonary
4 weeks Pediatrics
4 weeks Elective
PGY 2 Curriculum
8 weeks Inpatient
4 weeks Intensive Care Unit
4 weeks Obstetrics
4 weeks Emergency Medicine
4 weeks Geriatrics
4 weeks Pediatrics
2 weeks Population Health
2 weeks Health Systems Management
4 weeks Behavioral Health
4 weeks Inpatient Pediatrics
4 weeks Orthopaedics
8 weeks Elective  
PGY 3 Curriculum
8 weeks Inpatient
4 weeks Obstetrics
4 weeks Research & Quality Improvement
2 weeks Ear, Nose, & Throat
2 weeks Ophthalmology
4 weeks Urology
4 weeks Palliative Care
4 weeks Outpatient Family Medicine/Health System Management
4 weeks Pediatric Emergency Medicine
4 weeks Sports Medicine
4 weeks Medicine Select
8 weeks Elective


Aim#1: To teach residents the delivery of high-quality patient care with a focus on patient safety and quality outcomes. We teach the residents to do what it takes to keep everyone safe and do it right the first time every time.

Aim #2: Produce proficient and independent residents that will be experts in their fields by having the ability to care for patients by building trusting relationships with compassion and kindness.

Aim #3: Master physician wellness and resilience to reduce burnout and improve physical and mental well-being. Have the courage to communicate honestly and effectively and empower themselves and their patients.

Aim#4: Develop healthcare leaders that have exceptional teamwork skills and act with passion and love for others to make a difference.