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Beebe Healthcare Earns Three Quality Achievement Awards from the American Heart Association  

Gold Plus


Beebe Healthcare has long been recognized as a leader in the delivery of comprehensive cardiac care, offering a diverse range of services and programs designed to optimize patient experiences as well as outcomes. The American Heart Association recently validated that reputation by presenting Beebe with three national quality achievement awards through its Get with the Guidelines® program, which sets forth standards to optimize evidence-based, quality care for patients diagnosed with cardiac-related diseases and disorders.

Awards presented to Beebe Healthcare by the American Heart Association in 2021, based on data reported in 2020, are as follows:

Gold Level Get with the Guidelines Resuscitation Award for the Adult Population

This award underscores Beebe’s progress in treating patients who have experienced cardiac arrest while in the hospital. Timely CPR and response from the hospital’s medical emergency team are critical elements for survival, along with comprehensive post-resuscitation care and the integration of patient safety protocols. Beebe previously earned the Silver Level Get with the Guidelines Resuscitation Award and elevated its position to Gold this year by successfully implementing process improvement protocols in line with the most up-to-date research on treatment of in-hospital cardiac arrest.

Silver Plus

Mission Lifeline® Silver Receiving Plus Get with the Guidelines Award

This award recognizes Beebe’s commitment to implementing quality improvement measures to treat patients who experience severe heart attacks such as ST elevation myocardial infarction, a condition caused by a blockage in the heart that is difficult to survive without immediate medical intervention. In these cases, every second counts as clinical providers work to restore blood flow through procedural or medication interventions. The Mission Lifeline program recognizes the importance of streamlined and efficient collaboration between emergency responders and hospital providers during critical cardiac incidents, to increase survival rates. Beebe has maintained its status as a Silver award winner for this quality improvement program.

Gold Plus Stroke

Gold Plus/Target: Diabetes Honor Roll Get with the Guidelines Award

This award confirms that Beebe has achieved quality measures developed by the American Heart Association relative to Overall Diabetes Cardiovascular Initiative Composite Score. Healthcare systems named to the Gold Plus/Target: Diabetes Honor Roll have demonstrated a compliance rate of 90 percent or higher for 12 consecutive months, with comprehensive systems in place to rapidly diagnose and treat stroke patients who present in the hospital’s emergency department.

“The American Heart Association establishes the industry gold standards and in turn, creates goals for all hospitals to strive for, as we work to positively impact patient outcomes,” said Lynne Voskamp, DNP, RN, CEN, who serves as Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer for Beebe Healthcare. “The awards, both individually and collectively, truly reflect the commitment and quality of our team, especially when you consider the progress that has taken place in the midst of COVID. It’s been an incredibly busy time, but we have managed to maintain focus on key patient care and quality initiatives, despite the pandemic.”

In alignment with community needs, and with a desire to position itself as the premier local healthcare system to rely on for cardiac and stroke care, Beebe leaders are continuously evolving their cardiac service line. They will soon be pursuing accreditation from The Joint Commission as a Primary Heart Attack Center. Additionally, community education will remain an organizational priority, with a goal to boost awareness about the breadth and depth of clinical specialists who practice at Beebe, the organization’s investments in state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, and programs that are positioning the hospital’s cardiac service line as a nationally recognized, gold standard leader.

“We want the members of our community to know about all of the steps we are taking to assure the highest level of quality care is delivered at our hospital; that this the place to turn to for cutting edge, innovative, forward thinking cardiac and stroke care,” said David A. Tam, MD, MBA, CPHE, FACHE, President & CEO, Beebe Healthcare.