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Welcome to the TEAM issue of the Beacon!

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” - Vince Lombardi

Introducing New Executive Editor

I’ve thought a lot about that Vince Lombardi quote since I’ve met the wonderful team at Beebe. It’s inspirational to be a part of an organization that has such faith in the work they do for the community.
The summer edition of Beacon is all about your Team, and it is the perfect way to embrace the role of Executive Editor for many Beacons to come. It’s packed full of helpful guidance on nurturing your life team – whether that be family, friends, community, or your healthcare providers. It will make you reflect, ask yourself questions, and maybe find the motivation needed to cross the finish line of a healthier lifestyle.
Take Care,
Ryan Marshall, Beacon Executive Editor

Meet Dr. Stephenson

Dr Stephenson and his wife, Kelly Williams.Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Beebe Cardiothoracic Surgery
"As a board certified cardiothoracic surgeon, I perform the full range of cardiothoracic procedures, including surgical treatment of diseases of the chest and heart. Prior to joining Beebe, I was a surgeon and faculty member at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center at Pennsylvania State University.
My wife, Kelly, and I both enjoy the outdoors, so when I was looking for a new opportunity, we loved all the outdoor activities available in the Lewes area. Also, the team at Beebe Healthcare is very supportive of my goals, and we enjoy a very collegial working relationship.
The entire team at Beebe Cardiothoracic Surgery is excited to be a part of the Creating the Next Generation of Care campaign. We are also proud Beebe will be able to offer emergency care and cancer treatment to those living in the Millville and South Coastal areas."

Learn more about Beebe Cardiothoracic Surgery.


A new trend that has been catching on – and we think should become the norm – is the cheekily named “Crappy Dinner Party.” We did not coin this phrase, but we are kind of digging it!
The “Crappy Dinner Party,” also known as a “Low-Maintenance Hang Out” is simply a way to socialize with your friends, neighbors, and family, without all the added stress of planning, cleaning, and prepping. Basically, you set the date, and then you do nothing except enjoy spending time with friends and socializing!
Don’t clean the house. Do put out the welcome mat! Don’t do a special grocery trip in order to cook several recipes. Do coordinate with your guests to have each person bring a side, dessert, or drink to share.
Perhaps the host grills the main course, one friend brings a salad, another a dessert, and a third brings mocktails (as suggested by Beebe’s Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Chef Miguel Cuevas).
Call your friends and give this low-maintenance party style a try. This summer, let’s have more gatherings and less stress!
Zesty Grilled Shrimp (not an Ornish recipe)

Watch Chef Miguel of Beebe's Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program prepare some dishes!

Cooking Videos.

The Benefits of Finding Your Moai

Joe and Ann-Marie Rooney of Lewes in Bloom.
When June Berube moved to southern Delaware, she was a widow with no local connections. She volunteered for a few organizations and soon found Lewes
in Bloom, the group responsible for the plantings and gardens around Lewes.
“When I found Lewes in Bloom, I knew I had found my people,” June says.“I joined the social committee because I love to host parties and socialize. It was perfect for me, and I have found many kindred spirits because of this group.”
In Dan Buettner’s research exploring Blue Zones, areas of the world where there are higher numbers of centenarians, he found several commonalities, including healthy food, natural movement, and social support groups. A social group, known as a moai, will gather to do activities like cooking, walking, or painting together.
Lewes in Bloom is a great example of a moai here in town, as Ann-Marie and Joe Rooney (pictured) will attest. The couple joined the group and quickly became a fixture. Joe then became involved in planning for the group’s trip to Italy, where – thanks to winning the top prize in the Communities in Bloom International Challenge – they created a garden celebrating Lewes.
“It keeps us active, and it keeps our minds active because we are socializing and thinking of solutions to problems,” Ann-Marie said. “It’s truly been a great way for us to make new friends and enjoy our home here in Lewes.”
Beebe Volunteer Services and Beebe Auxiliary are always looking for great volunteers!

Winning Wellness

Kim's Wellness Quote
Life events can be joyous, like the birth of a child. Or, they can be startling, like a doctor’s diagnosis. The good thing is – you don’t have to do it alone.

It's Time to Recruit Your Team

After being diagnosed with a chronic illness, you may be facing a roller coaster of emotions including fear, sadness, anger, or anxiety. The one feeling that you should not have to experience is loneliness.
It is important to build a circle of supportive family members, neighbors, and friends who you can call on when you need a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or a helping hand. Sometimes just getting a hug from a family member or having a chat with a friend can be the greatest gift when you are having a tough day. Learn more about recruiting your team.

Cancer & You

Parting Shot

Cynthia's parting shot