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TEAM - Summer 2019 Beacon

Innovation - Spring 2019 Beacon

A New Way of Seeing - Letter from the Editor

P.S. Enjoy this photo of me with members of our Center for Robotic Surgery team (in back) and Carolyn Watson, our cover photographer for this issue (in front).
I am thrilled to bring you this issue of the Beacon—our first Innovation issue!
In putting together the articles and topics for this edition, our team really focused on all aspects of innovation, from the impressive clinical innovations going on here at Beebe, to the non-clinical process improvements aimed at giving our patients a better experience from the moment they walk through our doors.
Innovation can be a new technology—such as the da Vinci Xi Robotic Surgical System now used here at Beebe—but it can also be a new way of thinking about patient care.
At Beebe, we pride ourselves on thinking of the patient first. When considering a new innovation in the surgical suite or at the front desk, we ask ourselves, “Will this change get our patients back to living the life they love more quickly?”
As a not-for-profit community healthcare system, we are able to transform ourselves and think more openly—and innovate more quickly—because everyone here is on the same page. We all want what’s best for you, our patients.
I hope you enjoy the issue. Feel free to reach out to us with questions and comments by emailing [email protected].
To Your Health, Rachel Swick Mavity
P.S. Enjoy this photo of me with members of our Center for Robotic Surgery team (in back) and Carolyn Watson, our cover photographer for this issue (in front).

The NP Will See You Now

Tina Dombrowski with Beebe Walk-In Care
If you’re sick, you’ll probably tell others that you are going to see the doctor. However, once at the healthcare practice, you may, instead, see a nurse practitioner or Physician Assistant. So, what’s the difference? Here are some key differences between the two.

Virtual is Our New Reality

Sussex County is continuing to grow, and new residents rely on Beebe for their medical needs. That's why Beebe works to provide physicians and care providers right here in our region. In addition, Beebe also works to streamline the care process—for patients who need in-home care and to connect patients in our facilities to physicians and specialists across the region. Read how Beebe Home Care Services and other Beebe teams are using telemedicine programs to better serve the community. Read Jim's Story and Learn more about Telemedicine.

In the Ornish Kitchen with Chef Miguel

For this issue, Chef Miguel Cuevas of Beebe Ornish Lifestyle Medicine shows you how to make a stir fry without oil - yes, it is possible! Watch the video and our other cooking videos here.

Download the Asian Stir Fry Recipe Card here.

Q&A With Dr. Steven Berlin

Steven Berlin, MD, with Beebe Women's Healthcare - Bayside, has been practicing in the community for 25 years. Read his latest article, where he talks about the latest advances at Beebe, innovative practices, and why he loves living and working in this community.

The Next Generation of Clinical Innovation

Beebe is Creating the Next Generation of Care with innovative treatments and practices.

In this issue's feature story, we discuss five specialty areas at Beebe that are working to provide innovative treatments and advances in medicine here for our community.

Parting Shot
Karen Coty got back to her life quickly following robotic surgery at Beebe's Center for Robotic Surgery.

Karen Coty is a mom to twins and a teacher. When she found out she needed surgery, she told her doctor, Katrin Arnolds, MD, of Beebe Women's Healthcare - Plantations, that she could not take much time away from her family or her career. Dr. Arnolds delivered with robotically assisted gynecologic surgery. Read Karen's Story.

We hope you enjoyed the highlights from the Spring 2019 - Innovation issue! If you have questions or comments, please email [email protected].

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