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Thank You To Everyone Who Has Donated So Far!

From Beebe President & CEO Dr. David Tam:

"We called and you answered – 24 days into my role as President & CEO of Beebe Healthcare, I still am absolutely blown away by this community’s support of its local, independent, not-for-profit healthcare system.

More than $400,000 has been raised in less than a month through the Beebe Medical Foundation for our COVID-19 Relief Fund to support Beebe Healthcare’s efforts to battle this pandemic, and that’s not even including the wonderful hand-sewn masks, N-95s, face shields, restaurant gift cards, and many other items donated for your local healthcare team."

April 9, 2020 - First Responders Celebrated Our Healthcare Heroes. Video Courtesy of W Films

Beebe is Accepting Monetary Donations & Needed Items

When this new year began just a few months ago, no one could have imagined navigating through this unprecedented time of uncertainty. Thankfully, Beebe's skilled and experienced physicians and healthcare professionals will guide us through this process.

There are many ways you can help! Beebe is accepting monetary donations and donations of items such as masks, medical garb, hand sanitizer, and paper bags.

In addition, you may want to support meals for our team members or you may own a restaurant that wants to be added to a list to provide future meals as needed. We appreciate all your support - we are all part of #TeamBeebe!

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