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Be Real: We Bought a House and Got the Flu

The first two months of this year have been a whirlwind for sure!

First off, in early January, my husband and I bought a house. This is a big deal for us as we had previously decided we were gypsies who would likely rent for the rest of our lives so as not to be tied down to any one location.

However, fast forward to two kids and higher and higher rents, and here we are – happy homeowners. Well, mostly happy.

The idea that we won’t just jet off to another country or state to live when our lease is up has dissolved and that can be a bit difficult some days. At least it is for me. I have never been one to stay in one spot for too long – always tilting at those windmills. I get that from my dad. However, owning a home is a pretty cool step that probably signals I am more mature these days. Gasp!

The First Home

This is our first home, obviously, and the entire process was really eye-opening. If it hadn’t happened so quickly, I am not sure I would have gone through with it! There is a TON of paperwork, and all the credit checks, and the crunching of numbers – none of these things are my favorite things!

Looking back on it, I am glad it all went through. We found the right house for our family. We didn’t get everything we wanted (no garage), but we got most of our want list, including a lovely backyard and an in-town location where we can walk to restaurants and parks.

As first-time homebuyers we qualified for several programs, including a U.S.D.A. loan, with a great rate, and some first-time programs in the City of Milford where we purchased.

And, even though we have LONG been Lewes residents (and are perhaps a bit snobby about it), we are LOVING Milford. I highly recommend you check it out, especially if you are on the search for your first home. We have found great neighbors, friends, and a lovely walkable downtown. We feel like we have found our people – even though we do miss our Lewes friends and neighbors!

Image file: Sunrise over the backyard of our new home in our new town!
Sunrise over the backyard of our new home in our new town!

Moving, of course, is not without its challenges. We did all the moving ourselves with a little (actually a lot) of help from our friends. It was tiring and made me realize that I am not as young as I used to be! I was definitely aching and sore for several days following the heavy lifting.

Then, once we thought we were through most of the hard part, our hot water heater went out. After three days in the home. Not good. We got on the phone and managed to get it replaced with no charge to us.

The Flu is Getting Everyone This Year

If only to add insult to injury, just a few weeks after living in our new home, we ALL came down with the FLU! And, if you are like me, you are probably nodding your head and thinking oh, everyone gets a touch of the flu in the winter. No, this was lab-confirmed flu type A.

And, being that it is the first time in my life that I have had the flu, I have to say that anyone who has confirmed flu should be allowed to take as much time as they like off of work to recuperate. However, if you are a mom like me, don’t get your hopes up because kids tend to bounce back more quickly – at least mine did – and what you are left with is crazy, house-bound children, who think that it is a great opportunity to be ridiculously loud. While my head throbs, sitting on the couch, I dream of a future world where there might be “Sick-Mom Cruises.”

This would be a cruise ship that caters only to sick moms. No kids or husbands allowed. You get sick, you book your ticket, and you hop on board with your tissues, vitamin C, and books to read. Then they cruise you down to the Bahamas or somewhere warm while doting on you, refilling your tea regularly, and keeping noise to a minimum.

Who’s with me? Moms – one of us entrepreneurial ladies needs to make this business happen! If you are like me, at this point in the winter, you would do anything for sun – maybe even get sick!

After about five days of quarantine (heaven-forbid we would be responsible for spreading flu) we are finally starting to feel like ourselves again. I still feel exhausted many nights, but that could just be because I am (gasp again) getting older and because I do tend to burn the candle at both ends.

Here’s to continuing to enjoy our new home – hopefully flu-free! And, seriously if anyone launches the sick mom cruise, you better be calling me!

Side note: Please get a flu shot if you haven't already. Having the flu could have been so much worse for our family if we had not all gotten the flu shot!

Here we are - all flu-free!

Image file: Rachel and her family – all flu-free!
Rachel and her family – all flu-free!
Rachel Swick Mavity

Rachel Swick Mavity

Rachel Swick Mavity, MS, is the Digital Content Coordinator for Beebe Healthcare and is a freelance writer. She lives in Milford with her husband and two children. Her passions include storytelling, photography, healthy products, and coffee.