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Beyond the Four Walls of Fitness

New workouts—CrossFit, Spartan Races, and Mud Runs—take us back to the basics of physical activity. Distanced from gym workouts and equipment, these vigorous exercise regimens promote total body fitness in a simple—yet invigorating—environment.

Bodyweight workouts, like calisthenics, and simple weighted runs, like “rucking,” allow you to become functionally fit, explains Andrew Clements, Beebe physical therapy assistant and longtime Mud Run and Warrior Dash enthusiast. 

Rucking is inspired by military training and can more than double the number of calories burned than on a run without weights and promote overall physical health to prevent injury.


A Change of Pace

Andrew says these exercises benefit people of all ages, even those who just want to keep up with kids and grandkids, by teaching them how to effectively maneuver their body weight.

“It’s a lot different than going to a gym and doing bicep curls,” he says. “You’re able to apply it to everyday life.” 

Rucking and group plyometrics (rapid-fire moves, like jumps, done in succession) build positive camaraderie among other people with shared goals and “sweat equity.” Andrew believes it will do the same with the local community—making people feel more accountable and motivated to improve their health.


Medical professionals recommend starting slowly with intense workouts such as these. Talk to your primary care provider before starting any new fitness regimen.

This article appears in the Summer 2016 issue of The Beacon.