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Cancer Taught Me: Tanya Hernandez’s Story

"I believe that being positive and keeping a smile on your face will help push you through the bad. At the age of 35, I received the devastating news that I now had breast cancer. I continued to move forward with my life, even after nine long months, and kept a strong, positive attitude in my life as well as at work. As a bank teller I try to keep a smile on my face because I don’t like to bring my personal problems to my workplace. My encounter with cancer influenced me to try my best as a single mother and to be a courageous role model for my four daughters. Which meant I had no time to be vulnerable. To me, being vulnerable is to let a negative attitude take over your perspective. My T-shirt slogan would be ‘Let your positivity smile through.’ I enjoy exercising, but my girls are my greatest joy in life."

-Tanya Hernandez, breast cancer survivor

Cancer Taught Me

Cancer Taught Me

Cancer Taught Me explores the stories of patients who received treatment at Beebe's Tunnell Cancer Center. The stories are in their own words.