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Celebrate Excellent Care

Visit to Beebe Walk-In Saved My Wife’s Life

A letter to Dr. Tam By Susan Reinagel

I write this today with the biggest thanks for one of the Nurse Practitioners at the Rehoboth Walk-In Care.

One afternoon, about a week after a hernia operation at another hospital, my wife, Dawn, developed congestion and labored breathing. I drove her to Beebe’s Rehoboth Walk-In Care where we met NP, Nicole Pettyjohn.

After examination, Nicole explained to us that Dawn had decreased breath sounds in her right lung. She told us that she'd feel more comfortable if we were to forego the X-ray that she could perform at the Walk-In and instead go directly to the Emergency Department. At the ED, she explained, more extensive testing could be done in case what she was hearing in Dawn’s right lung was something more serious.

With this simple, kind and professionally intelligent suggestion, this young woman saved Dawn's life!

I did take Dawn to the Emergency Department and it was discovered that she had 2 blood clots in one leg and a pulmonary embolism in her right lung. Dawn received the correct treatment due to the foresight and advice of Nicole Pettyjohn.

Our appreciation goes beyond a simple thank you. Most people go to work every day to do their jobs, while others go to work to make a difference! Nicole is one of those who makes a difference and we are both so grateful!

Beebe Healthcare is lucky to have Nicole as a team member. In fact, the entire community that Beebe serves should feel very lucky to have such a skilled, superior and exceptional Nurse Practitioner right here, close to home.

Thank you, Beebe and thank you, Nicole. We are forever in your debt.