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Are You Living a Heart-Healthy Life?

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Your heart is responsible for powering your body and keeping your blood flowing throughout your system. It's an important job, so it is just as important to take care of your heart.

Dr. Rajinder Prasad, MD, board certified cardiologist, emphasizes that many people do not know they have heart issues until they are being brought to the emergency room with a heart attack.

"Many people who come to my cardiology practice tell me that they had no idea they had a heart issue. They feel they were walking around fine one day and then in the hospital with a bum heart the next day," Dr. Prasad said. "However, there are signs such as easy fatigue, high blood pressure. And, there are ways to improve your heart health that anyone can do."


Be Heart Healthy:

1. Eat Healthy - focus on fruits, vegetables, fiber, and whole grains

2. Lower Your High Blood Pressure by decreasing salt intake and/or taking medications if necessary

3. Quit Smoking - it is one of the best things you can do for your health

4. Limit Alcohol

5. Reduce Stress - it might not be noticeable, but stress places a burden on your heart and your body

6. Be Active - make sure to get some exercise in every day.


Download the Heart-Healthy Guide.