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The Joys of Fatherhood

The gift of having a baby is not only a joy to you—it is a life-changing, joyous moment for the father as well. He will have the chance to pass down his knowledge, do fun activities, and play an active role in your child’s development.

While a father may not have carried your bundle of joy for nine months—or experienced dramatic body changes—he experiences shifts and new changes as well. Invite your partner to step up to the new challenges and opportunities of being a parent.


Schedule & Priority Changes

When the baby arrives, personal time—and time in the man cave—becomes more scarce. Fathers play an important role in a baby’s development. Sharing responsibilities and putting family first may require rearranging priorities. Late-night feedings, pediatrician appointments, and a new schedule requires mom and dad to change routines. 

Don’t let him put himself completely on the backburner. Encourage him to enjoy his hobbies and friends, as well. Finding balance will reduce stress and improve both of your lives.

Make time to spend together as couple without your baby when someone is babysitting or when baby is asleep. The health of your partnership is just as important now as it was before baby.


Questioning Himself

Am I ready for this? What if he doesn’t like me or thinks I’m boring? What if I screw this up? Fathers may ask many of the same questions new moms do. It’s common for people to be concerned about experiencing new things—including becoming a father. Reassure him that you will learn how to be great parents together.


Help the Baby Develop

Fathers may be more likely to engage your child with exciting, rambunctious games—instead of soothing, gentle games. Although there’s a difference in playfulness, each type of play is vital to the baby’s development, and these differences complement each other well.

Raising your baby will require teamwork from both you and the father. Work together to ensure that your baby is happy, healthy, and cared for.


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