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Stay Hydrated, Avoid Kidney Stones

Having belly pain? It could be a kidney stone.

Kidney stones are minerals in your urine that have become concentrated enough to develop into a sedimentary stone.

Risk factors for kidney stones include genetics, diet, and bowel problems, but the most common factor is your level of hydration. 

“When gauging your hydration levels, make sure your urine is clear or light yellow,” says Richard Paul, MD, of Beebe Urology. “Darker urine means it’s highly concentrated.” 

Delbert Kwan, MD, of Beebe Urology agreed. He said to stay hydrated, drink at least three quarts—or 12 cups—of fluids daily.

Avoid consuming coffee or tea, which act as diuretics that can cause dehydration if over-consumed. Dr. Kwan also suggests reducing sodium intake and adding more fiber and citrus to your diet to promote good hydration.  

WELLNESS TIP: Chase every cup of coffee with 8 oz of water. 

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