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Gift of gratitude will support future Beebe Babies (and moms)

It is common to hear about Beebe Babies in Sussex County. Laura Parsons, originally from Lancaster and then Philadelphia, gave birth to her third Beebe Baby Dec. 28, 2018. Laura and husband Eric Parsons have three healthy Beebe Babies – Rex, Levi and Teddy.
Prior to moving to Lewes, Laura worked in pharmaceutical sales during a very tumultuous time in the industry, so she decided to make a career change to nursing. When Eric was asked to come to Sussex County to manage and grow a local mortgage company, Laura stayed in Philadelphia to finish her accelerated nursing program at Thomas Jefferson University, spending 24 hours a week each in class and clinical settings. It was a grueling schedule, and time apart was difficult for the couple, but in 2012 Laura graduated with her bachelor of science degree in nursing. She was finally able to move to Lewes and think about starting a family, and she worked in the Cardiac Step-Down Unit at Bayhealth until their first son Rex was born in 2013.
It was quite a culture shock for Laura and Eric when they moved here from Philadelphia, and they sometimes return there for short getaways. However, they enjoy being part of a warm and trusting community here that is very baby-friendly. They were confident in looking to Beebe Healthcare for a safe, professional, and nurturing environment to bring their babies into the world.
Laura, being a nurse herself, recognized good care while she was a patient at Beebe because she knew the difference. Laura felt the need to acknowledge members of the Beebe staff who went above and beyond for her, her husband, and her babies. Jenn Rice, Crystal Reynolds, and Anna Merrick were the primary nurses who cared for Laura during her admissions. Jenn was instrumental in the birth of second son Levi, and the couple was thrilled to find out she'd be assisting again with Teddy’s birth.
Laura said, “Jenn not only has amazing technical skills and high-level critical thinking, but she is compassionate and supportive both inside and outside of the hospital. I have had the fortune of having her support both before and after Teddy was born, as we see each other on a regular basis at our sons’ preschool. Jenn is always willing to lend a listening ear or be a sounding board to a worried, tired, frustrated pregnant woman and new mom. I feel truly lucky to know her and be cared for by her.”
Although Laura didn't know Crystal or Anna before Teddy's birth, she felt a strong bond with them and had the utmost confidence in their nursing abilities. She said they were “kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and supportive, and explained in detail everything that was happening every step of the way.”
Laura and Eric also want to acknowledge Dr. Angela Caswell-Monack and Dr. Holly McKiel who showed them “unending kindness, support, and encouragement, medical care and competency. They listened to our wishes, fears, and concerns without judgment and they respected everything we desired. Their extensive experience in obstetrics combined with a strong understanding of the emotional aspects of pregnancy and birth goes beyond what anyone can learn in a textbook.”
Laura and Eric also want to thank Monica Scott, Nancy Hastings, Linda Spaulding, Vicky Mallet, and Beebe's Women's Health staff. Laura said they provided “unparalleled comfort, care, and strength at a time when I was most vulnerable. Nursing is a difficult, challenging, and often thankless profession. Great nurses (and doctors), in particular the ones I had the fortune of interacting with, deserve the utmost appreciation and recognition.”
More than 800 babies are born each year at Beebe Healthcare, and Beebe Medical Foundation is currently raising funds for the Women’s and Children’s Floor planned for the new Specialty Surgical Hospital at the Rehoboth Beach Health Campus on Route 24. With community support, the funds needed will help this become a reality.
As a community-based, not-for-profit healthcare system, Beebe Healthcare depends on the generous support of individuals, corporations, businesses, and private foundations. All size gifts to Beebe Healthcare are welcome and tax-deductible as allowed by law. Please consider making a gift today and sharing your story with our community. To make a donation or learn more about Celebrate Excellent Care, go to, call Beebe Medical Foundation at 302-644-2900 or email [email protected].
Caption: Laura Parsons celebrates the excellent care she received during the births of her three healthy sons at Beebe Healthcare. Shown are in back (l-r) Dr. Holly McKiel, Jenn Rice, Anna Merrick, Nurse Manager Lisa Klein, Crystal Reynolds, Nancy Hastings, Vicky Mallet, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Nancy Forsyth, Teresa Fritz, and Executive Director of Women’s Health Bridget Buckaloo. In front are Dr. Angela Caswell-Monack, Rex Parsons, and Laura Parsons with Teddy.