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Healthcare System Trust Agenda

Our healthcare system has long maintained policies and guidelines to ensure professionalism among license holders as they treat members of our community. We have done this because our commitment to providing healthcare first and foremost rests upon the confidence of people in placing themselves and their families in the hands of caring professionals who will provide treatment to the best of their professional abilities in a manner that respects the dignity of every patient. We affirm our responsibility to maintain the public trust with:

A commitment that all licensed healthcare providers on our staffs will receive education on reporting professional behavior that may put patients at risk. A commitment to consistent chaperone guidelines across all health systems. A commitment to reach out to the community so members of the community will have easy access for relating their concerns about professional behavior to our individual health systems. A commitment that each health system will ensure access to an appropriate health program to help professionals in distress. A commitment to seek "whistleblower" protection for individuals who may initiate a complaint against a healthcare professional. A commitment to offering all new parents guidelines as to what they can expect at the visit to their pediatrician or family physician. A commitment to providing information to patients about licensing boards, under what circumstances to contact them, and how to contact them. Finally, a commitment that all these elements will be in place by September 1, 2010.