Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing - Financial Information


An application fee of $30.00 must be submitted with the application form.


A non-refundable registration fee of $200.00 is due May 15.


A $400 enrollment fee is due June 15.


Books must be purchased by the student. Students are provided with a required and recommended book list for each semester. Purchases may be made through Rittenhouse Book Distributors at a discount to our students. If a student is eligible for a Pell Grant, an option to purchase their textbooks is provided. Approximate cost for required books:

  • First Year $700.00
  • Senior Year $500.00

TRANSCRIPT FEE (Official/Non-official)

$5.00 for each transcript.  Must complete and send a Release of Information form to the School of Nursing.


Students are responsible for housing and meals. Meals may be purchased in the hospital's cafeteria at employee rates.  A $10 cash deposit is required for a mailbox key.


Students can expect to spend approximately $350.00 for the uniform, equipment, and supplies needed for their First Year of nursing and $100 for their Senior Year. Uniforms are scrubs: ceil blue top, and white pants, or white top with ceil blue pants. Other required equipment includes nursing shoes, bandage scissors, and a watch with a second hand. Many students choose to purchase their own stethoscope. Recommendation for purchase will be provided in the first nursing class.