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Q: Is it painful?
A: No. The studies are non-invasive, so there is practically no discomfort.

Q: What are the risks?
A: Again, because the studies are non-invasive, the risks are minimal.

Q: How much time is involved?
A: Generally, 30 minutes is sufficient time to complete a study. If multiple studies are requested, however, more time is required.

Q: Is it expensive?
A: Vascular Lab studies are significantly less costly than related invasive procedures.

Q: What preparation is needed?
A: No patient preparation is necessary for most of these tests, which are conducted in a pleasant office atmosphere. Patients who are to have visceral vessel or renal artery scans must not take anything by mouth (not even water) after midnight the night before the test. They may take any regular medication with sips of water.

Q: How do I find out the test results?
A: The results of the test will be sent to your doctor.

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