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Test: Carotid Duplex Scan

Indication: Symptoms related to Carotid disease: e.g., TIA (lateralizing and non-lateralizing), stroke, syncope, or carotid bruit

Upper Extremity Arterial

Test: TOS Survey (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome)

Indication: Symptoms suggestive of thoracic outlet syndrome: e.g., arm/shoulder pain, numbness, or weakness with activity

Test: Arm Pressure & PVR (Pulse Volume Recording)

Indication: Symptoms related to subclavian or brachial artery occlusion: e.g., arm pain or numbness, especially with exertion

Test: Vasospasm Testing, with or without ice water immersion

Indication: Symptoms related to cold intolerance, Raynaud's phenomenon, finger/toe ulcers, etc.

Lower Extremity Arterial

Test: PVR (Pulse Volume Recording) resting or with exercise If patient has a cardiac history, please schedule exercise PVR through cardiac lab (302) 645-3258.

Indication: Symptoms suggestive of arterial insufficiency: e.g., pain in legs with walking, decreased pulse, rest pain, ulceration, blue toes, or finger/toe ulcers

Test: Graft Patency

Indication: History of previous femoro-popliteal or distal bypass graft

Venous Disease

Test: Venous Duplex Scan

Indication: Suspected DVT (blood clot) in lower extremity (iliac, femoral, popliteal) or upper extremity (subclavian, axillary) veins. Serial followup of clot resolution following lytic therapy.

Test: PPG (Photoplethysmography)

Indication: Venous ulceration or suspected chronic venous insufficiency

Visceral Vessels

Test: Renovascular Hypertension Study

Indication: Suspected renovascular hypertension

Test: Celiac, Superior Mesenteric, Inferior Mesenteric Artery Scans

Indication: Suspected mesenteric ischemia, abdominal bruit, abdominal angina

Test: Portal Vessels

Indication: Suspected portal vessel thrombosis

Vascular testing FAQs.