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No Insurance? Self-Pay is an Option for Bariatric Surgery

If your insurance has denied you a life-changing opportunity for bariatric surgery, Beebe Healthcare offers a self-pay package at an affordable out-of-pocket cost. This gives patients who previously did not have access to weight loss surgery an opportunity to make the necessary surgical changes to help you achieve long-term weight loss. Your care team will work with you and Patient Financial Services to review what self-pay options are available and best for you. This path allows patients to experience all the benefits of the program both before and after surgery.

The team at Beebe Center for Weight loss surgery offers compassionate care, support, and long-term follow up for each patient. We understand that patients may worry if surgery will work for them. Beebe’s team has put together a support system to help before and after surgery, which is when your real journey begins.

Obesity is a complex disease with many factors, which is why our doctors and registered dietitian offer such an individualized plan even if you live out of the area. There are a number of surgical options that could be right for you.

If you’re interested in more information or want to join a webinar or in-person seminar, fill out the form to be contacted by the Center for Weight Loss Surgery. Insurance shouldn't be a barrier. Start your lifelong weight-management journey now.


Who qualifies for Bariatric surgery?

  • Age 18-69
  • You have body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher
  • Your BMI is 35 to 39.9, and you also have a weight-related health problem, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, sleep apnea or high blood pressure
  • You're committed to making the lifestyle changes that are necessary for surgery to work