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Richard Campitelli Grateful for Advanced Cardiac Care at Beebe

Richard and Deborah Campitelli moved to Millville permanently three years ago. In January 2015, the couple decided it was time to sell their home in Westminster, Md., so they traveled back to get everything in order. While there, Richard had a heart attack.

Richard recalls the day he had his heart attack, “There was going to be a snowstorm and I brought a huge stack of firewood into the garage. I came into the house and the room started spinning and I fell to the floor. I didn’t have the crushing chest pain, or pain down my arm. I was just weak.” Richard was rushed to the hospital in Maryland and they put two stents in the right side of his heart.

Richard’s wife, a former coronary ICU nurse, was determined to find the best doctors for her husband in Delaware. “She knew the seriousness of finding good care for me,” shared Richard.

The couple returned to Delaware and started setting up appointments for Richard. Then a year after his heart attack, Richard ended up in the hospital again.

In early 2016, Richard and Deborah were out walking their daughter’s dog when Richard complained of heartburn saying, “I need to stop drinking coffee. I’m having mild heartburn.”

Deborah replied, “That’s not heartburn and it’s not the coffee. You’re having angina. I’m calling your cardiologist and taking you to the hospital.”

Richard was reluctant, “I didn’t want to go, but Deborah called our daughter and together they convinced me. When I arrived at the hospital I had no idea that I would end up with triple bypass surgery. I thought I would get another stent. Dr. Qureshi, an interventional cardiologist, recommended Dr. M. Ray Kuretu, Board Certified Cardiac Surgeon, to do the surgery. I trusted Dr. Qureshi’s recommendation because his exams were very thorough and he was very patient. I felt very confident with Dr. Qureshi and our personalities really clicked.”

“Dr. Kuretu and his cardiac team are excellent. Dr. Kuretu is a very soft spoken, humble, and ‘teaching’ doctor. He has years of experience,” Richard shared. “Physician Assistants Brian McCarthy and Eugene Isaac and the entire cardiac surgery team worked very hard to keep things going on schedule. Brian took the time to tell me what was going to happen before, during, and after my procedure. Both Brian and Eugene were willing to repeat things again if I didn’t understand the first time. Their professionalism and personality made me feel confident about everything that was being done.”

Richard had his bypass surgery on a Thursday and was home by Sunday. For the two weeks following the operation, nurses from Beebe Home Care Services would come to his home.

“The Home Health nurses were fantastic too. They were scheduled to visit me for three weeks, but I was good to go after week two. One nurse would check my wound healing and the other nurse was actually a physical therapist. She would walk me around, up and down the stairs, and outside and around the block. I had wireless equipment at home to check my weight, blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen levels. The wireless equipment would send information directly to the Home Care offices so they knew how I was doing and they would call me if something was a concern.”

Richard shared that he could have gone to Christiana Care in Wilmington for his surgery; however, there would have been a three month wait.

“People would ask me, ‘Are you going to do this at Beebe?’ and my answer was yes – I’m going to have my surgery at Beebe."

"I felt very confident with the doctors at Beebe and I didn’t want to wait for three months worrying about every little thing. When you stay within the Beebe system everything is integrated and coordinated. My primary care physician, Dr. Kathryn Grinnen is in the Beebe system. Beebe’s Walk-in Clinic and Lab Services in Millville are in the system. Everyone in the Beebe system knows what everyone else knows. I felt comfortable that I would receive good results at Beebe. And I did! My entire experience has been just wonderful!”

Richard is now a Beebe volunteer with the Cardiac Rehab team where he received his follow-up care.

“When I completed my cardiac rehab, Julie Watson, my exercise physiologist asked me if I was going to come back to volunteer. I really wanted to give something back for the excellent care that I received. I now assist new patients with setting up the machines for their different exercise stations. We walk-through the stations together, share our experiences, and exchange stories. We talk about cutting back on calories and healthier foods to eat. People come in really weak and discouraged and it’s very helpful when they get to work with someone who has personally benefitted from the program.”

Richard is grateful for the care he received at Beebe Healthcare, and he wanted to recognize the excellent care he received from the doctors and nurses of the Cardiac Department and also the Cardiac Rehab program where he received his follow-up care. To show their gratitude, Richard and Deborah Campitelli made a generous donation to Celebrate the Excellent Cardiac Care Richard received at Beebe.


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