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Is Anterior Hip Replacement Right for You?

Hip pain can be debilitating. You may not even realize how much the pain and lack of mobility is impacting your life. You may not realize there are surgical options that allow you to be pain free and fully back on your feet in as little as six weeks in some cases.

One surgical technique that can accelerate recovery period is the anterior hip replacement. This approach involves less muscle and tissue damage due to the location and size of the incision being in the front of the hip rather than the side, which is called the posterior approach.

A Mayo Clinic study showed the anterior approached helped patients discontinue the use of a walker and pain medication faster. At Beebe Healthcare, our medical staff of orthopaedic experts offer anterior and posterior hip replacement.

Cameron Yau, MD, a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon, has performed almost exclusively anterior hip replacements for the last decade. He joined Beebe’s Medical Staff in May 2023 and practices independently in the community while performing procedures at the state-of-the art Specialty Surgical Hospital on the Rehoboth Health Campus, as well the Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus.

“The posterior hip replacement is an excellent procedure. It works very well at eliminating hip pain, but I perform the anterior approach because I feel it gives the patients a faster recovery with less risks,” Dr. Yau said.

In addition to a longer recovery for the posterior approach, one risk for some individuals includes instability of the hip replacement or dislocation of the joint.

“The percentage of dislocations is low,” Dr. Yau says, “but one of the main benefits of going through the front (anterior approach) for a hip replacement is that the rate of instability is considered to be nearly zero.”

Beebe sees a wide range of ages for patients who need hip replacement. Arthritis can affect anyone, at different stages of life, which is typically the most common cause as our joints age and wear down during a lifetime.

“Hip replacement is one of the most powerful interventions we have in modern medicine,” Dr. Yau said. “It can take away chronic pain and allow that person to enjoy whatever it is they love doing – whether its athletics, family, or travel. It brings me so much joy and happiness to hear stories from patients whose quality of life has improved greatly.”

Recovery after Hip Replacement

With either hip replacement approach, physical therapy is a routine and important part of the recovery process. Beebe also offers Home Health services in addition to its Physical Rehabilitation offices throughout Sussex County.

With top-notch facilities and locations throughout Sussex County, it’s just another reason why you can be confident when you choose to have a joint replacement at Beebe.

“Well, it's really great working with Beebe. First off, the team is very dedicated to patient outcomes,” Dr. Yau said. “There is in-home physical therapy, which makes the recovery that much quicker earlier on in the rehabilitation period. The new Specialty Surgical Hospital is a beautiful location to have your joint replacement surgery. It makes the recovery that much easier. I'm really happy with the quality of service that we're able to provide for patients with hip replacements and knee replacements.”

If you think you might need hip replacement surgery, talk to your primary care provider about getting a referral to see an orthopaedic specialist near you. Need a primary care provider? Call 302-645-3332 to schedule an appointment with a Beebe doctor.