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Beebe Medical Foundation Announces New Members of Board of Directors

Jason Abela, Leanne Silicato Prosser, and Brad Travis, Jr.


At its most recent meeting, the Beebe Medical Foundation Board of Directors welcomed three new members: Brad Travis, Jr., Jason Abela, and Leanne Silicato Prosser. 

“I want to thank our three new directors for their willingness to serve, and I want to also extend our gratitude to Cindy Szabo, Lyndie Hertrich, Marnie Oursler and Scott Royal who have completed their respective terms of service,” said Christian Hudson, Chair of the Board of Directors.

Directors serve for a three-year term with the possibility of two more consecutive terms for a total of nine years of possible service. Since it was established in 1989, Beebe Medical Foundation has worked to secure over $140 Million in philanthropic support to help fulfill Beebe Healthcare’s charitable mission to encourage healthy living, prevent illness, and restore optimal health to the people residing-in, working-in, or visiting the communities it serves. As an independent, not-for-profit hospital, Beebe Healthcare relies on local support to continue serving our growing community. 

Brad Travis, Jr. was born and raised in Lewes and attended Cape Henlopen High School. He is a 2003 graduate of the University of Delaware majoring in Finance and Operations Management. He began his career out of college working in Beebe Healthcare’s accounting department. He now serves locally as a Financial Advisor and Certified Financial Planner. 

Before being appointed to the Board of Directors, Travis was a member of the Board of Ambassadors and served as the Chair of the Board of Ambassadors. He lives in Lewes with his wife Juliet and their two daughters, Millie and Hazel who are Beebe Babies.

“I wanted to be a part of the Beebe Foundation Board because I believe that a strong health system is imperative to our thriving community,” Travis said. “The Foundation gives me an opportunity to share all of the reasons I believe in Beebe with current and potential donors while allowing me to utilize my professional skills to help guide the organization.”

Jason Abela is a native of Michigan and graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in Political Science. He worked in the Pennsylvania government and served in the Governor’s office as a legislative liaison for the Department of Environmental Protection. Jason is a realtor with Jack Lingo Realty. He has served on the Board of Ambassadors since 2018 and was elected Chair of the Board of Ambassadors. Since 2015, Abela and his husband, Norman (Sam) Steward DDS, live in Rehoboth Beach.

“As a realtor in the area, I have seen the incredible growth in Sussex County,” Abela said. “I talk to people every day who invest here, move here to work, or are ready to retire. The first topic of conversation is always healthcare. It is important to me that I give of my time and resources to ensure that Beebe Healthcare is empowered to offer the best care throughout Sussex County. Access to health and wellness resources builds a stronger and healthier community.”

Leanne Silicato Prosser was born in Milford and is a 2003 graduate of Syracuse University with degrees in English Textual Studies and Inclusive Education. She is the former owner of Make My Day Event Planning and Maven Event Management and Consulting. Leanne served as the 100th Anniversary Coordinator of Beebe Healthcare’s Centennial events. 

“Beebe Healthcare has been at the heart and soul of our community for over a century,” she said. “I am a proud mother of three Beebe babies and local to Sussex County. As we all do, I see the immense impact of the care and compassion that Beebe team members and doctors provide every day to our community and understand the importance of that continuing for another century. I was able to serve as a Beebe team member for three years as Beebe’s 100th anniversary coordinator and continue to be an original member of the ever-growing 1916 club. Stepping into serving in a board role at Beebe is my honor and I look forward to supporting the thoughtful growth of our services and reach in the coming years.”

Currently, she is Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Silicato Commercial Realty and Development. She serves as a Board Member for the Boys and Girls Club of Delaware Board of Trustees; Board member for the Oak Orchard/Millsboro Boys and Girls Club; and is a Founding member of the Great Futures Fund and its Gala. She and her husband, Christopher, live in Millsboro with their three children Lynden, Solomon and Camilla. 

“It is a pure joy to welcome Brad, Jason and Leanne to our Foundation Board,” said Tom Protack, President, Beebe Medical Foundation. “I am grateful for their willingness to share their time, talent and treasure with us. No doubt, each of them will make a significant impact on helping us make our mission stronger. I look forward to working closely with them in their new roles.”

From left to right, Jason Abela, Leanne Silicato Prosser, and Brad Travis, Jr.