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Beebe Medical Foundation Announces Two New Board Members


Jan McCarty and Benedette CooperBeebe Medical Foundation welcomes two new board members and says thank you to Janet McCarty and Benedette Cooper for their years of service.

After 18 years, Ms. McCarty will be stepping down from the board. Nancy Levenson will join the board in her place. After four years as the Chair of the Board of Ambassadors, Ms. Cooper will be stepping down and Brad Travis Jr. will assume this role.

“It’s an honor to serve on the Beebe Healthcare Foundation Board with so many capable and dedicated members,” Levenson said. “My hope is to help educate residents and friends about all the positive things underway at Beebe and to help bring forward more supporters in our community.”

Nancy Levenson

Ms. McCarty has been associated with the Foundation since 2001. She said it’s been a tremendous experience to witness the expansion of Beebe Healthcare’s campuses, knowing first-hand what a difference it makes in the community.

“It’s been a great pleasure and honor for me to serve for these last 18 years,” Ms. McCarty said. “I have learned from and worked hand-in-hand with pioneers of the Foundation such as Dr. Jim Beebe, Eugene Bookhammer, Joe Hudson, and many others – dear friends, all of them. I am very excited to see the tremendous success that is being accomplished by our Foundation and its leaders with the "I Believe in Beebe" campaign. We are fortunate indeed to have Beebe Healthcare right here, so close to home.”

Ms. McCarty also serves on the Beebe Medical Center Board of Directors, joining that board in October 1994. She has previously served as Chair of the Board from 2005-2010, and as Vice Chair from 1998-2005.

Brad Travis

Cooper, who was an ambassador for the Foundation for nine years, said she has enjoyed participating in the many helpful acts within the community.

"The many years I have volunteered for the Beebe Foundation have allowed me the opportunity to meet and work with some wonderful people while helping to raise funds for the Emergency Department, Tunnell Cancer Center, and many other areas of our healthcare system. I will miss being a part of making a difference for our community,” Cooper said.

Travis, who has been an ambassador for the past five years, has helped out with golf tournaments like the Baywood Classic, as well as the Planned Giving Committee, and with the ‘I Believe in Beebe’ Campaign.

“I have had a special connection with Beebe Healthcare throughout my life, and I’m excited to share that passion with our community,” he said. “Many members of my family have worked there throughout the years – myself included – and my wife, Juliet, and I are expecting our first Beebe baby this fall. After five years on the Board of Ambassadors, I am excited to become the Chair and to continue supporting Beebe because of the importance that quality healthcare serves in our community.”

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